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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

UK - More Green Means More Red Ink!

David Cameron and his ship of fools plan to sail the  the UK further into debt by pompously announcing that this will be the "greenest Government" yet - it will probably be the poorest too, if they go on with the economy-destroying carbon reduction plans on the drawing board. Move over , Greece!

Just recently, while visiting the Department of Energy and Climate Change with Chris Huhne, Prime Minister David Cameron said that he wants the new coalition administration to be the greenest government ever. He was speaking to civil servants while on his tour around Whitehall to introduce the new government.

Liberal Democrat Chris Huhne, who will run the department, was with Cameron when he reassured civil servants that the environment was a top priority for him. He said that there is a fourth minister in this department who cares passionately about this agenda, and that is David Cameron. He assured everyone that this was a statement that he meant from the bottom of his heart.
Chris Huhne said that climate change, in his view, is one of the great challenges facing mankind today. He wants things to go further and faster than they ever have before.
Cameron used his four-minute speech to formally announce the coalition’s pledge to cut carbon emission by 10 percent in the first 12 months. He said that this would be helped by a new innovation to publish the energy being used by government departments in real time. He went on to say that this is transparency in action, to drive forward the cuts in carbon emissions. It is a new way of doing climate change, and it’s a new way of doing policies. It is in the spirit of this age, and he thinks it will make a very big difference.

It will make a very great difference if he concentrates on the economy and scraps fairy-tale green power schemes and gets on with building real power stations. It is hard to see how the once great Conservative Party could have elected such a prat as a leader. I just hope that when the coalition shatters, and it will -  the Tory's choose a true Conservative leader with proper policies to go to the election!
The outgoingUK treasurer left a note for the new one " There is no money" .Maybe Cameron has not seen it yet!

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