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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A World Gone Mad! Windmills instead of Drugs!

Uganda has AIDS and it is a huge tragedy that the world ( mainly the Great Satan, the US ) has done much up till now in providing drugs , but WHO estimates 33 million worldwide are infected . In Uganda 500,000 are infected and only 200,000 have been getting treatment and that is about to stop. Apparently the limited drug dollars are better targeted on  diseases like malaria with much cheaper drug regimes  giving more bang for the buck

.If all 33 million were Americans they would be treated at once.
As the sufferers are black and remote from the Chardonnay set and the liberal intelligentsia they can become part of the grand Global Warming Experiment and can become recipients of Global Warming education and training , without ever being treated as actual humans . As long as they are educated in the perils of Global Warming who cares what diseases they have or whether they are starving because of bio-fuel inflated food prices.The image of the noble savage with his spear in tune with nature and Gaia , envisaged by these eco-nuts is far from the squalor,hunger and disease of reality.
In Uganda, where fewer than 10,000 were on drugs a decade ago, nearly 200,000 now are, largely as a result of American generosity. But the golden window is closing.

Uganda is the first country where major clinics routinely turn people away, but it will not be the last. In Kenya next door, grants to keep 200,000 on drugs will expire soon. An American-run program in Mozambique has been told to stop opening clinics. There have been drug shortages in Nigeria and Swaziland. Tanzania and Botswana are trimming treatment slots, according to a report by the medical charity Doctors Without Borders.
For every 100 people put on treatment, 250 are newly infected, according to the United Nations’ AIDS-fighting agency, Unaids.

Even now, the fight is falling short. Of the 33 million people infected, 14 million are immuno-compromised enough to need drugs now, under the latest World Health Organization guidelines. (W.H.O. guidelines are conservative; if all 33 million were Americans, most clinicians would treat them at once.)

Instead, despite a superhuman effort by donors, fewer than four million are on treatment. Just to meet the minimal W.H.O. guidelines, donations would have to treble instead of going flat.
Uganda is a microcosm of that: 500,000 need treatment, 200,000 are getting it, but each year, an additional 110,000 are infected.
When you read about a billion dollars here and then a billion dollars somewhere else for some project to combat a non-existing Global Warming catastrophe you ask as Lomborg does "What about the disaster already here?" A small part of the wasted AGW money could solve this problem.
The mealy-mouthed proponents of the AGW scam keep talking about helping the poor people of the world and then promise to send them a windmill instead of facing up to the real  immediate human disaster .
The real kicker for Uganda is that the Government  incredibly has found 300 million dollars for some fighter bombers !

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  1. I hope the likes of Gore, Mann and Jones et al get to see this.