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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Kevin Rudd in Crossfire as Polls Nosedive!

The Australian reports on Rudd's  dilemma when he is losing the Left of his party because of the carbon tax backflip and now the right is deserting over a poorly thought out Super Mining tax. There is a palpable anger in the land against this tax attack on the industry which saved the country during the GFC.

PRESSURE is building on Kevin Rudd to forget about losing left-wing supporters to the Greens and instead protect his right flank against an exodus of supporters alienated by his new 40 per cent tax on mining.

Senior Labor figures and strategists told The Australian yesterday that while angry left-wingers might vote for the Australian Greens in the coming election, their votes would almost certainly return to Labor through preferences.
As Labor reeled from two more bad opinion polls showing it well behind the Coalition, party insiders warned that Labor's real political peril lay in losing its right-wing support base - moderates attracted to its social policies but nervous about higher taxes.
"It's people who depend on the mining industry and who worry about its future that we need to worry about," one frontbencher said yesterday, asking not to be named.
Labor's reassessment of its political tactics yesterday came after a Nielsen poll published in Fairfax newspapers found the Coalition ahead of Labor by 53 per cent to 47 per cent in two-party-preferred terms.
The poll mirrored the long-running trend in the Newspoll published fortnightly in The Australian. If its results were reflected on election day, Labor would lose office.

Also yesterday, a mining-industry-funded Newspoll survey found 78 per cent of voters in mining areas wanted the proposed 40 per cent resource super-profits tax changed or scrapped.
If trends continue the coming election will be the end of the most incompetent Labor PM since Gough Whitlam and the Khemlani fiasco.

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