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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Labor's Scapegoat Strategy

Dennis Shanahan reports on the delivery of the final blows to the Rudd political corpse when he was shut out of the new cabinet by Julia Gillard clearing the way for him to be made a scapegoat for Labor's disastrous record. However of some comfort to skeptics is that Gillard is showing the same reticence as Rudd to move forward on Climate Change policy.

JULIA Gillard came not to praise the assassinated Kevin Rudd yesterday but to bury him.

The Prime Minister has also moved with haste to bury with him as many of his contentious policies as possible.
Gillard yesterday showed every bit of the political steel that was on display during last Wednesday night's execution by shutting Rudd out of her cabinet, despite his wish to serve on the front bench.
While offering sympathy for the former leader, still hurt and at home in The Lodge, Gillard offered no comfort.
While suggesting Rudd have a break and that she would be "delighted" to have him back on the front bench after the election should the government be re-elected, she made it clear she overruled his wishes, exercised her authority and shut him out of her cabinet.
Rudd,Gillard,Swan and Tanner were the Gang of Four who were running the Government agenda and now Julia and her cronies are pretending to have been in a closet when all the incompetent decisions were made . Rudd has been taken to Calvary to expiate their sins so the three remaining plotters come away snowy clean.
The battle will be to convince the electorate after the honeymoon period that this nonsense is true. Gillard has kept the incompetent ministry intact , while appointing Simon Crean to clean up the billion dollar mess she herself has made of the school building project BER. I remember what some wit in the past had painted on a New Labor poster , "Same Old Sh**, New Flies" , which translated to today for Gillard would probably read " Same Old Sh**, Same Flies".

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