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Monday, June 28, 2010

Moral Decadence in The Suburbs!

Resident Environmental twit at the Telegraph Louisa Gray reports :
English lawns will become a sign of "social and moral decadence" in the next decade as climate change makes it increasingly difficult to maintain traditional gardens, horticulturalists have warned.
In the short term, water shortages in the next 12 years will make it difficult to have a lawn.

Like in Australia during recent droughts, Prof Dixon said watering a lawn will be seen as an extravagance only experienced by the rich.

"Lush, well-watered, English 18th and 19th Century parklands will suffer. Retaining their rural Arcadian charm requires reversion to wild flower meadows managed with traditional hay-cuts without mowing until early September," he said. "Clinging to the grassy elegance of English lawns will be signals of social and moral decadence."
The Environment Agency predicts most households will have a water meter in areas of "water stress" like the South East by 2015 and the whole country will have the device installed by 2035.

Louisa should have, and of course didn't , check her facts because the story fitted with her warmist beliefs.
As the UK has supposedly had 30 years of uncontrollable warming I thought to check the drought situation by the simple mechanism of going to the rainfall statistics.
 For example, if you compare the 1961-1990 average rainfall with the period of 1971-2000, you will find that England and Wales turned slightly wetter over the last 30 years.
So we have had increasing CO2 , increasing temperature  and instead of the predicted droughts we have an inconvenient increase in rainfall. However the good Professor Dixon will be able to pick up his next lot of grant money and another warmist headline is created.
And speaking of moral decadence billionaire Paul McCartney speaks out labelling skeptics as deniers and thinks that the world should change to expensive "green" energy - of course rocketing power prices will be a major problem to him and I am sure his lawns will be watered . Another celebrity telling us how to live our lives!

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