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Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Night of the Long Knives!

Kevin Rudd is gone! The numbers men in the Labor party have chosen Julia Gillard and a special party meeting this morning will confirm her as the first Australian Prime Minister . This follows the most extraordinary night in Australian politics when the Labor party factions savaged a leader who had declared he would not be the prisoner of factions! This follows polling showing a bloodbath for Labor in the upcoming election.

THE Rudd government is in chaos just weeks from an election, with its two most popular leaders staging a fight to the death this morning.

It will be an unprecedented leadership challenge for the first term of a successful government.
Kevin Rudd last night vowed to battle Julia Gillard and Labor's factional powerbrokers to defend his leadership in "the national interest" in a Labor caucus leadership ballot at 9am today.
Mr Rudd admitted himself that he had lost the support of key factional leaders and immediately attempted to garner backing. Other MPs believe Ms Gillard has support across the factions, potentially making her the nation's first female prime minister.
Wayne Swan is expected to stand as deputy prime minister as Labor prepares to clear out its most senior positions ahead of an election this year. After a day of political manoeuvring reached a crescendo of plotting and destabilisation in Parliament House, Ms Gillard went to Mr Rudd's office late yesterday and informed him she would challenge him for the leadership. The Prime Minister decided to call a ballot immediately and started his campaign to hold the leadership with a direct appeal to "the Australian people" and a direct assault on the faceless factional leaders he accused of trying to "take a lurch to the Right" and "do a job" on him.
Gillard's job will be to distance herself from Rudd but as his loyal deputy in the debacle that has been the Rudd government this will not be easy.

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