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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Rudd - Dead Man Walking!

The latest poll in West Australia shows support for the Rudd Government has collapsed to a primary vote of 26%.
A new opinion poll shows support for the Federal Government in Western Australia has collapsed, despite Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's recent visit.

The Westpoll published in the West Australian newspaper shows Labor's primary vote has fallen to just 26 per cent compared with the Coalition's 52 per cent.
After preferences, the Coalition leads 62 per cent to Labor's 38 per cent.
The survey was taken during Mr Rudd's recent visit to Perth where he continued negotiations with mining companies over the new resources tax.
But the resources sector says the Government's negotiations are not genuine and it will soon lose patience.
Mr Rudd is warning it could take months to conclude the talks.
Rudd's personal popularity wane will force the Labor party to replace him soon and this will not be particularly good news for the opposition as Julia Gillard is a much more formidable opponent.


  1. Poor old Dudd! Spent all the people's money because treasury officials like Henry said it would save us from recession. Then Dudd thought he might be on a winner with a Carbon tax to recharge the coffers but ducked out totally - despite all those sleepless nights. Still spending at a rate of knots Dudd and Henry came up with the proposed Mining tax. This is the latest round of a protracted boxing match to see where he can find the Billions (and he keeps on spending)he needs.
    I don't think we fair dinkum Aussies would tolerate daily lectures from Gizzard either!
    Better watch out we just might get Wong instead.

    Tommo Central Queensland

  2. This must amount to one of the most amazing falls from grace ever witnessed on the Australian political scene and good riddance I say. It is right up there with the Gough and Billy McMahon sagas; especially taking into account the nature of Rudd's win and his initial popularity.

    In Billy's defence, he was never popular, even amongst his own colleagues, so his fall from grace was not as spectacular or all that surprising, especially given the formidable opposition he was up against in the form of the union supported and funded Whitlam machine.

    Rudd's apparent demise is more the stuff of the flaming meteor plunging spectacularly to its death.

    Can Gillard claw things back if they dump Rudd?

    Only time will tell and irrespective of the outcome, it will ultimately be as much about Abbott's ability to counter her challenge as anything else. He is the real wildcard in the deck. Not only is he unpredictable in his own right, but we also have the factor of how the Australian electorate will take to him and that scenario is by no means played out as yet.

    Gold Coast Queensland