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Friday, July 30, 2010

$1.5m for climate chiefs

Labor has revealed that the five Climate Change "experts" will be paid an average of $300,000 each and these are the people who will brief the Citizen's Assembly who will then find a consensus on the issue.   Leading Aussie skeptics Bob Carter and Ian Plimer need not apply , although I would love to see them do so.

THE five climate change experts Julia Gillard hopes to inform public opinion on the issue will be paid an average of $300,000 a year.

Further detail on the government's heavily criticised attempt to build a community consensus on climate change have emerged in Labor's official request for costings from the Treasury. It reveals the $6 million Climate Change Commission will have five commissioners, each earning an average of $300,000, in line with the mid-point of pay guidelines set by the Remuneration Tribunal.
The commission, which the government expects to start in October and last four years, is intended to be an independent source of information and expert advice to explain the science of climate change and report on international action.
Part of the commission's role will be to assist the 150-member Citizen's Assembly, a group designed to find a consensus on the issue.

The costing request shows the government expects the assembly to meet three times, the first being later this year and then twice more by the middle of 2012. The government expects its plan to cost $2.7 million.
This panel is the silliest idea of the campaign and of course all the information supplied to the panel will be warmist propaganda with a predictable result. Fortunately the press and the public have been quick to see what a joke it is and it has had a negative effect on Labor's campaign.


  1. Hi Baron,

    I have stopped worrying about this Climate Change Crap (CCC) as there is simply no way that Ms Gizzard is going to be re-elected. The Australian voters are on top of the CCC and totally on top of the Gizzard!

  2. I'll just repost this here, as posted it on an older thread.

    An ongoing critique & open debate on the Beyond Zero Emissions - Zero Carbon Australia 2020 report is here ->


    This site is run by Prof of Climate Change at University of Adelaide, Barry Brook. A final report and executive summary will be put together in the next week or so.

    The short answer, as any sensible person who reads it will realise, is that most, if not all, of what is in this report is pure nonsense bordering on willful intent to mislead the gullible public.

    I would also suggest looking at the comments below this article ->


    where one of the authors James Hutchison has totally failed to answer any direct questions relating to some of the problems with the ZCA 2020 report.