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Friday, July 30, 2010

Gillard and Abbott Neck and Neck

The gamble by Labor in changing from Kevin Rudd to Julia Gillard and then calling a snap election may be coming unstuck. After the initial honeymoon with Australia's first female PM ,voters now have the two parties at 50% each ,two party preferred ,with the momentum now with the Coalition as damaging internal leaks have blunted  the Labor party campaign.

JULIA Gillard has warned her ministers they will be sacked if caught leaking from Cabinet.

As the hunt continued for the serial leaker stalking her campaign, the Prime Minister
declared Cabinet discussions should be "free and frank" but remain confidential.
"If there is anybody in my government, if we are re-elected, who does not respect the confidentiality of Cabinet, then they will no longer be a Cabinet minister," she said.
A trifecta of damaging leaks have alleged she reneged on a deal with ex-PM Kevin Rudd; that Mr Rudd treated national security meetings with "casual disregard"; and that Ms Gillard questioned paid parental leave and a pension increase.
Opposition Leader Tony Abbott said the leaks proved the PM faced an "active campaign" against her from within.
 "What the Australian people are starting to sense is that senior members of this Government don't think the Government deserves to be re-elected," he said.
The latest Galaxy poll of 800 voters, taken on Wednesday night for Channel 9, has Labor and the Coalition tied at 50-50 on a two-party preferred basis.
The previous Galaxy poll at the weekend had Labor leading 52-48. Labor's primary vote slipped from 38 to 37 per cent; the Coalition's has climbed from 41 to 43 per cent.
The election however will be won and lost in the marginal seats and that is where the two contenders are concentrating their efforts.

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  1. I have it on very good authority that Ms Gillard used a slightly different description of the sentence to be 'handed out' to the very good folk leaking cabinet confidentiality!. The punishment is "You will get a knife in your back - just like Kevin"

    Central Qld