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Friday, July 23, 2010

PM vows to ban 'dirty' power stations- Labor's Non-Policy on Climate

Julia Gillard has vowed to stop the building of inefficient coal power stations in her climate change policy release.
JULIA Gillard will ban new coal-fired power stations that use "dirty" technology and require that any power station built can be retro-fitted with developing clean coal technology.

The Prime Minister has also committed $1 billion over 10 years to create an “efficient and strongly regulated” national renewable energy market.
And, in a speech at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Ms Gillard has also pledged $100 million to fund market-based projects designed to develop renewable energy technology.
“We will never allow a highly inefficent and dirty power station to be built again in Australia,” she said.
“If we are reelected, Labor will ensure that all new power stations have to meet world's best practice.”
Wow!This will really upset those authorities feverishly planning to build very inefficient and world's worst practice power stations . Talk about stating the obvious.
Ms Gillard said she wanted to ensure that during her search for a national consensus on climate change action that the nation did not “lock in” new power stations or energy sources that would last 30 years and continue to contribute to pollution.
She has advocated setting up a Climate Change Commission comprising 200 voters who will be "advised" by "selected" Climate Change "experts". Gee, I wonder what conclusion you could expect from such a set-up as I suppose Dr Bob Carter and Professor Ian Plimer won't get an invitation!

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