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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Prince Attacks Pseudo-Science

Prince Charles, that living example of the perils of centuries of Royal inbreeding has attacked climate change sceptics in a speech at St James Palace. 

Prince Charles has accused climate change sceptics of peddling "pseudo science" and bullying governments.

The Prince of Wales said those who question whether human activity is causing global warming and climate change are intimidating governments into not "adopting the precautionary measures necessary to avert environmental collapse", the Daily Mail reports.
In a speech to world business leaders in St James's Palace, Prince Charles launched an attack on those who question global warming.
"People have heard the climate sceptics and attempted to listen to the kind of pseudo science they are peddling," he said.
"I have endlessly been accused of peddling pseudo science for most of my life - just think about the strange irony."
In the past the prince has faced criticism over his support for homeopathic medicine.

The Prince , well known for his statement that he would like to come back as a tampon ,seems ignorant of
  the fact that the Royals collectively have the carbon footprint of a small city and he is in no position to hand out advice.It makes you long for the days when the  Tower of London was providing accomodation for royals who were meddling in things they didn't understand.
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