"It doesn't matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn't matter how smart you are. If it doesn't agree with experiment, it's wrong." Richard P. Feynman

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Great Carbon Caper- Part 2!

As reported previously the AGW Scam ,bloated with tax-payer dollars ,has attracted scammers like blowflies around a rotting carcass. Unfortunately these professional scammers are smart ,which differentiates them from the dim-wits looking after the UN administered  Global Warming piggy bank. The latest effort as reported by Christopher Booker involves Chinese and Indian companies producing CFC's which the UN then pays them billions of dollars to destroy.
It is now six months since I reported on what even environmentalists are calling "the biggest environmental scandal in history". Indeed this is a scam so glaringly bizarre that even the UN and the EU have belatedly announced that they are thinking of taking steps to stop it. The essence of the scam is that a handful of Chinese and Indian firms are deliberately producing large quantities of an incredibly powerful "greenhouse gas" which we in the West – including UK taxpayers – then pay them billions of dollars to destroy
Easily the largest and most lucrative component in the CDM market is a peculiar racket centred on the manufacture of CFCs, chlorofluorocarbons, classified under Kyoto as greenhouse gases vastly more damaging than carbon dioxide. The way the racket works is that Chinese and Indian firms are permitted to carry on producing a refrigerant gas known as HCF-22 until 2030. But a by-product of this process is HCF-23, which is supposed to be 11,700 times more potent as a greenhouse gas than CO2. By destroying the HCF-23, the firms can claim Certified Emission Reduction credits worth billions of dollars when sold to the West (while much of the useful HCF-22 is sold onto the international black market).

Last year, destruction of CFCs accounted for more than half the CDM credits issued, in a market that will eventually, it is estimated, be worth $17 billion. Of the 1,390 CDM projects so far approved, less than 1 per cent accounts for 36 per cent of the total value.
I repeat that the UN is way past it's use-by date and should be disbanded so the funds wasted could be channeled directly to where they are desperately needed.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dodgy Down Under Data

It seems that the Australian BOM has been caught cooking the books on historical temperature data to create a much greater warming slope than that indicated by the raw data.Adjustments of course are always upwards which is statistically impossible but statistical rectitude has never been high on the warmist agenda.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Brad Pitt - Death Penalty for BP Oil Leaks ?

Brad Pitt is another Hollywood type to give us mere mortals his learned opinion on what should be done to those responsible for the BP oil leaks. I guess going to actor's school qualifies you to speak on virtually everything .

Friday, August 20, 2010

Catastrophists say World Vegetation Declining.

"Scientists" analysing data from the Terra satellite ,in a rush to blame CO2 for a planetary vegetation decline have ignored the most obvious reason for such a drop!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Green Persecution - One Man's Story!

Miranda Devine writes this story of Green persecution of one man and his dream for Tasmania as a timely warning to those who would think of voting for the Greens in the upcoming election. The Greens are modern day Luddites who will stop at nothing to achieve their ends as is shown in their relentless  persecution of John Gay .
People should understand how much damage the Greens can inflict on our economy and our way of life with support from the gullible kindly souls who think they are saving the planet by voting Green.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fake Julia Fakes it at Campaign Launch!

After Labor minders had assured the press that Gillard would not be using the auto-cue or notes the press gallery was stunned by her flawless performance sans notes , and superlatives flowed ,none more than from the true believers at the SMH.

Seven reasons why the NBN will fail

Malcolm Turnbull enters the NBN debate with an sensible analysis.
It seems that no one has any problem with debunking Labor's NBN monster except Tony Abbott although he did get much more on message on the ABC's Q&A last night. Abbott at least got on the "opportunity cost " message which should have been obvious from the start.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Aussie National Broadband -Ten Times Singapore Cost!

The Australian election is being lost by the Coalition by it's complete inability to articulate a rebuttal to a ridiculously expensive NBN rollout which is Labor policy. The Coalition has failed to make basic points  covered in this report which would justify their position and damage that of Labor.
 The Coalition policy cost—at $300 per head—compares with that of Singapore’s NBN government funding contribution, which costs around A$200 per head of population and New Zealand’s at around A$330. Most of Europe doesn’t even dare to mount interventions on the level of Australia’s as it is against EU policy on crowding-out of private sector investment: the most notable European NBN-style plan, that of Greece’s, was deferred under budgetary pressures.
That's right- the only European  country with a similar scheme is Greece whose economic credibility is non-existent. Abbott should be having a party with this - Costello certainly would.
Also at ten times the Singapore cost this rollout would make the insulation and school hall fiascos seem small change.
Even in South Korea, the current five year upgrade plan to bring fibre beyond the basement and into all homes is being 95% funded by the private sector, the government contribution equating to a mere A$25 per head of Korean population. So the Coalition’s proposed government investment is only miserly by comparison to the ALP’s plan—it appears to be quite consistent with the international average on what is deemed as a necessary degree of public subsidy in broadband markets
The South Korean system Labor prattles about is being fundamentally funded by private enterprise
Performance of the Coalition's system in all practicality will not be a lot different at the user modem.
Conroy’s assertions yesterday that “non-fibre platforms” lacked the symmetrical speeds necessary for these applications are not necessarily correct: commercial DOCSIS 3.0 offerings overseas tout upload speeds of tens of megabits and the specification supports 122Mbps upload at the node. VDSL—the platform that many “fibre” networks in Asia use today as their reach usually extends only to the apartment block basement—supports 16-20Mbps uploads per subscriber, VDSL2 even more.

As I say, Stephen Conroy has strategic reasons for not submitting his policy to the tests of the dismal science, but the telecommunications industry does not. It is disgraceful that the economic (and career) beneficiaries of Labor’s NBN policy believe that they should have a bipartisan entitlement to tens of billions of dollars of gifted resources without themselves resourcing any form of credible analysis on the economics of fibre to back their claims.

To defend an NBN policy that, amongst other things, is the world’s most generous telecom industry welfare scheme by reference to one American city’s economic analysis strikes me as a spectacular cultural cringe and an astonishing indictment.
Finally the fastest and best system in Japan is run by private enterprise as is South Korea.
The Coalition has lost it's way!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Witches,Warlocks and Weather

 A paper by Emily Oster reports that in medieval times superstition blamed witches for weather disasters and crop failures -
“Therefore it is reasonable to conclude

that, just as easily as they raise hailstorms, so can they cause lightning and
storms at sea; and so no doubt at all remains on these points.” 
Sound familiar? The Pope of the day with the medieval version of the IPCC report!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

NBN - Another Grand Gesture with Other People's Money!

As a techie myself I would love to have internet speeds of 100 Mhz and I would also love a Ferrari - I don't think I can afford either. The National Broadband Network is going to cost every household ( 4 people) $8000.00 for the dubious pleasure of being able to download movies or music faster with current domestic usage. Surely as a nation we have better things to do with $43 billion dollars when the telcos with some subsidy will provide an acceptably fast service at a fraction of the cost. The Coalition plan to have a fast backbone and use existing copper to achieve 10 Mhz is a practical plan. Businesses  who want video conferencing and fast speeds can pay for it - why should the householder have to pay $8000 for business  facilities - this should be on a user pays system. There is no reason not to have a mix of fibre for those who want to pay for it and copper for those who don't want a superfast system. However putting 10Mhz into a global perspective it is very fast compared with most of the world.
The other consideration to this debate is the increasingly mobile young have-laptop-will-travel market who are not buying landline services but relying on wireless and mobile technology. As this market grows the landline market will shrink.  The phenomenal sales of Ipads are another indication of changing consumer internet usage causing defection to wireless services.
Business and commercial users will benefit from this technology the most but the householder will mostly pay. Sean Kaye , an IT executive also has a great article on the NBN network which is worth reading.
There comes a time when  taxpayers have to say enough is enough!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

BBC - We're Buggered Whatever Happens!

The BBC is having a quid each way in it's latest offering to the Great God of Global Warming.
Michelle Roberts turns a medical research report about cold weather increasing heart attacks into Warmist propaganda - unbelievable but true!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Scamming the Global Warming scammers! The Great Carbon Caper!

When you are selling nothing but pieces of paper it is not surprising to find that up to 90% of market volume in some countries is fraudulent. Criminals (and most everyone else) are much cleverer than the bureaucrats who set up the dopey scheme causing losses of up to 5 billion Euros (6.6 Billion USD) . To this day it seems only a few charges have been laid for only a small part  of these losses.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Alarmist Mathematics Do Not Add Up!

Brilliant post on Tom Nelson's Blog shows how alarmist claims of percentage contributions to warming add up to much ,much more than 100%..of course all these figures are peer reviewed by PhD's.

Global Warming Belief Drops with Aussies!

The latest Gallup poll on Global Warming attitudes in Australia has shown a marked drop from 52% to 44% in those believing it is man-made.
The percentage of Australians who are aware of climate change and say it results from human activities fell from 52% in June 2008 to 44% in March 2010, while the number attributing it to natural causes increased 10 percentage points.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Economic Management: Gillard Paid Double for School Buildings!

Julia Gillard's wish  to switch the debate to Labor's economic record is looking a bit sick today with the release of a damning report in Victoria where State schools have paid double the Catholic school rate for improvements funded by her building programme. The BER programme was run by Gillard's own department and has been the subject of many claims of hugely inflated prices for buildings across Australia casting severe doubts on her economic management ability.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Climate Compensation for Saudis?

In this postmodern Warming world it seems that everyone has their hand out for some of the rivers of money supporting the Warming ideology so it is no surprise to see the Saudis joining suit.

Climate Skeptic Party Windfarm Election Ad.

The Climate Skeptics Party is running a TV advertisement highlighting the problems of wind power and supporting their Senate candidates. Anyone wishing to help can donate to the campaign.
I suspect that as a single issue party their vote will not be huge but it may be enough to send a message to Canberra.

Global Warming Fatigue

Tom Switzer in the Australian reports on the global warming fatigue around the world with governments putting it into the too hard basket ,shelving or delaying action . From the skeptics point of view this is great news, as the longer substantive action is delayed  more of the hoax is exposed.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wind Generator Noise - Pre-Paid Complaints Payment!

The New York Times reports that Oregon residents near a  huge windfarm are being offered $5000.00 to sign a waiver they will not complain about the noise. This must be comforting to residents to know the company is already expecting trouble before the construction begins and $5000 will not cover much real estate devaluation.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Stop Global warming - Eat Bugs!

In a new report the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the UN has held a meeting in Thailand on the subject of using insects for food and plans a 2013 Summit on the subject. This should be as good a reason as any for any sensible Government to scrap any funding to the UN as it shows that it is not only the Climate crew have strayed into the Looney Tunes area- the organisation is riddled with  overpaid bureacrats living in some alternative universe at our expense. The UN is well and truly past it's use-by date.

Will The Real Fake Julia Please Stand Up!

The Labor spin merchants must think that the Australian public are morons when they publicly announce that they have a "new" Julia Gillard since the old fake one has been soundly rejected in the opinion polls.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

And Now it Gets Dirty!

In the wake of very bad poll results three weeks out from the election Labor is about to launch a smear campaign against the Opposition Leader Tony Abbott.