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Thursday, August 12, 2010

NBN - Another Grand Gesture with Other People's Money!

As a techie myself I would love to have internet speeds of 100 Mhz and I would also love a Ferrari - I don't think I can afford either. The National Broadband Network is going to cost every household ( 4 people) $8000.00 for the dubious pleasure of being able to download movies or music faster with current domestic usage. Surely as a nation we have better things to do with $43 billion dollars when the telcos with some subsidy will provide an acceptably fast service at a fraction of the cost. The Coalition plan to have a fast backbone and use existing copper to achieve 10 Mhz is a practical plan. Businesses  who want video conferencing and fast speeds can pay for it - why should the householder have to pay $8000 for business  facilities - this should be on a user pays system. There is no reason not to have a mix of fibre for those who want to pay for it and copper for those who don't want a superfast system. However putting 10Mhz into a global perspective it is very fast compared with most of the world.
The other consideration to this debate is the increasingly mobile young have-laptop-will-travel market who are not buying landline services but relying on wireless and mobile technology. As this market grows the landline market will shrink.  The phenomenal sales of Ipads are another indication of changing consumer internet usage causing defection to wireless services.
Business and commercial users will benefit from this technology the most but the householder will mostly pay. Sean Kaye , an IT executive also has a great article on the NBN network which is worth reading.
There comes a time when  taxpayers have to say enough is enough!


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