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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Gillard Picks up Rudd's Dunces Cap!

Terry McCrann has launched a blistering attack on the Gillard government's endorsement of both a carbon tax and the National Broadband Network - two disastrous policies for Australia.

. The first constitutes a direct and utterly pointless attack on the foundation of not just this nation's prosperity but its very existence. Our vast resources of coal in general and its use for power generation in particular.The second constitutes perhaps the greatest waste of resources in our history.

 And the NBN - the biggest infrastructure project in the nation's history, which was completely uncosted initially -- the billions probably didn't even get the courtesy of an envelope's back, just a prime ministerial enthusiasm. Neither then nor now has there been any rigorous analysis to identify the claimed benefits against the very real costs.

How much worse is it now to persist with the NBN and to go back to an attack on our greatest national asset, this time via a carbon tax, when we know so much more about the context for each?

Rudd's insistence that the ETS be adopted before Copenhagen was bad enough. Now we know Copenhagen turned into Hoppenfloppen. Any move towards a unilateral carbon tax is that much the more irresponsible and stupid.
Similarly and even more so with the NBN. Back when the enthusiasm for the fixed NBN took hold, the iPad was barely a gleam in the eye of Steve Jobs. It was certainly not the, ahem, apple of his eye, as it didn't exist. Why the iPad? Because it captures the rapid, unpredicted and unpredictable shift to broadband mobility. Yet the government, and now Gillard as PM, is mandating the immobility of a fixed broadband network.
The callous and irresponsible disregard for the tax-payer dollar that has been a hallmark of the Rudd era seems to be continuing with Gillard - what do we have to do to get some smart politicians?
H/T Tommo.

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