"It doesn't matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn't matter how smart you are. If it doesn't agree with experiment, it's wrong." Richard P. Feynman

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Indian Obscenity

No matter where in the political divide you stand , there has to be something wrong with a system permitting the building of a billion dollar house in one of the poorest nations in the world. India goes  cap-in-hand for aid money from the Western countries while allowing ostentation like this in their own country. The insensitivity of such a structure in a poverty-stricken country is appalling!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Power blame game heats up!

The Australian reports that even the dingbats in the NSW Labor Government have finally done some sums and are now closing down the ridiculous 60 cent feed-in tariff which is costing the average consumer billions while benefiting the few who have installed solar panels. 

Monday, October 25, 2010

No Honeymoon for Julia!

The latest Newspoll has the Gillard Labor Party already trailing the Coalition 48% to 52% two party preferred. This will give Labor pause for thought over some of the more controversial policies especially water use! They definitely cannot afford an election.

The Solar Robber Barons!

Peter Foster of the Financial Post takes issue with solar panel producers who are complaining that 60% local content requirement is too onerous . The industry however approves of the 70 cent feed-in rate proposed by Ontario's intellectually challenged politicians.  This even eclipses the 60 cent rate in Australia paid by the   gormless government of New South Wales ,so the Gold Medal in stupidity  must now go to the Canadians!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Water Fat Cats!

Peter Finch says it for all of us!

The Sunday Mail exposes water industry fat cats getting huge rises ripped off from consumers. No new dams together with horrendously expensive desalination plants  coupled with a fat,bloated bureaucracy signal a bleak future for water users. 

WATER bosses are pocketing $100,000 salary increases as Queenslanders are hit with soaring utility bills.Bosses at the state water bodies have been criticised over their ''excessive'' pay rises while consumers are being gouged every time they turn on a tap.The best rain in a decade has ended the drought and filled the state's dams, but critics say the State Government reforms aimed at securing future water supplies have created a bureaucratic monster  with a financial appetite to match.Now households are paying the price, with water bill increases of up to $300 a year to pay for the army of new water administrators.Four separate State Government agencies, three council-owned retailers and a Government department are now involved in water delivery.Annual reports reveal the vast cost of the agencies, with executive salaries one of the biggest expenses.
'They were supposed to build a water grid, but instead Labor has built its very own millionaire's row by paying these excessive salaries and perks,'' Opposition Leader John-Paul Langbroek said.''Southeast Queenslanders are paying for it through massive increases in their water bills.''SEQ Water Grid Manager chief executive Barry Dennien, who oversees water flows and projects, has been a big winner, with a pay increase of about $120,000 to a whopping $460,000 a year.A Government spokesman said the rise came when Mr Dennien was promoted from ''acting CEO'' to ''CEO''.Seqwater chief executive Peter Borrows, responsible for providing bulk water from dams and weirs, received a rise of about $80,000 - including a performance bonus  to a total of almost $500,000 a year.LinkWater, responsible for the pipe network that transports water, has concealed the salary of chief executive Peter McManamon in consecutive annual reports by using a broad salary range. But a Government spokesman said the package was close to $400,000, a rise of up to $100,000.WaterSecure chief executive Keith Davies, responsible for recycling and desalination, earns a massive $540,000.Mr Davies' generous salary comes despite WaterSecure struggling to find industries to take up expensive recycled water, and ongoing problems with the Gold Coast desalination plant.

Premier Anna Bligh retreated on a plan to add recycled water to the region's drinking supply, and millions of litres are being flushed down the Brisbane River.The Water Commission, set up in the worst days of drought, appointed new chief executive Karen Waldman in May. A Government spokesman said Ms Waldman was on $230,000 a year.The commission, which critics want disbanded now that dams are overflowing, has reduced costs but has an annual $1.1 million executive salaries bill.Taxpayers are also funding hefty pay rises for numerous other executives in the various bodies, and generous remuneration for board members.

The Government's spokesman said: ''Salaries paid to executives are competitive with those paid in similar roles interstate and overseas''.However the Local Government Association blasted the new water grid network for forcing up costs.''The architecture is not ideal and certainly costs a lot of money,'' said executive director Greg Hallam.The bosses of southeast Queensland's three new council-owned water retailers responsible for water billing - Unitywater's Jon Black, Allconnex Water boss Kim Wood and Queensland Urban Utilities chief executive Noel Faulkner - are also on lucrative salaries.Gold Coast-based Allconnex's annual report indicates Mr Wood, who took up his post in January, is paid about $350,000. Other retailers are yet to release their annual reports, but are certain to be on a similar scale and sources say the real figure could be closer to $400,000.Allconnex managers were treating salary details with such secrecy that when The Sunday Mail found their annual report on their website it was immediately pulled down.In a worrying sign about the accountability of the new retailers, all declined to comment on salaries and have refused to provide any details about the number of households struggling to pay bills.
Half a million dollars to manage recycled and desalinated water being flushed into the river could only happen in a Government organisation using OPM other people's money - no private company would tolerate it for one minute.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Electric Cars a Dud in the UK!

Electric cars sales in the UK are almost non-existent says the Guardian which shows that the average Pom has a lot more brains than the idiots who try to foist these hare-brained green ideas on the population.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Extraordinary Paintings of Australia!

Even in a political blog like this one we must sometimes take the time to appreciate finer things and go off topic!

 A new painter from 1770 in Queensland Marie Green has won a Regional Development Award for her paintings and can be seen featured in the latest issue of Artists Pallette. 
Nothing,even a single blade of grass, is just one colour... and it is the joy of the artist to achieve a work of vibrant beauty. There is never a need to be stingy with colour. 
Marie Green

Marie's husband Tom is a great supporter of this blog .

Ararat Wind Farm Gets Green Light!

Approval has been granted to build 75 wind turbines which will be able to power    135000 zero homes with reliable dispatchable energy. These ugly behemoths disfigure the countryside while providing no real GHG emission reduction in practice due to the systemic problems of grid integration , As well as this consumers will have to pay much higher rates for energy to pay the huge subsidies for this "free" power source all for the warm fuzzy feeling of doing something ostensibly green.

NBN Take-up Rates only 11%!

A progress report on National Broadband  takeup rates says that  only 11% of customers in Tasmania have taken up the $100 per month NBN fibre connection , preferring to stay with their $20 to $60 current providers.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Solar take-up to drive up power bills.

The pain is starting for Australian electricity users as solar rebates cause higher prices says the Australian.

Consumers have rushed to install photovoltaic panels to take advantage of the government's incentives - worth about $6200 for a typical household - and state government subsidies.
The nation's biggest energy retailer, AGL Energy, this week applied to South Australia's pricing regulator to increase power bills by $7.58 per megawatt hour next year - translating to an average of 3 per cent per bill - just to pass on the costs associated with the government's scheme to encourage household-level renewables. The development will put further pressure on the Gillard government over its handling of climate change policy, with warnings that power prices are surging because of the extension of "very expensive" renewables and state-based schemes in the absence of a carbon price.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Green Energy Economy Drowning in Red Ink!

Bloomberg reports that Spain has gone from being the poster child of solar energy to an embarassment as solar investors are being sent bankrupt by a change in Government policy. The Government has renegged on a scheme to pay multiples of the  bulk energy rates to solar producers because it was sending the country broke. This is the same dopey plan implemented in New South Wales which is also broke . The Greens are now pushing for Australia to commit energy hari kari on a national level with a similar scheme.
Solar investors in Spain were lured by a 2007 law passed by the government of Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero that guaranteed producers a so-called solar tariff of as much as 44 cents per kilowatt-hour for their electricity for 25 years -- more than 10 times the 2007 average wholesale price of about 4 cents per kilowatt-hour paid to mainstream energy suppliers.
 It beggars belief that after disasters like this   governments are still contemplating subsidised solar systems but lemming- like they seem committed to follow Spain over the financial cliff!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Insulation Inspection Data Kept Secret!

Tom Arup from SMH reports that data from the Federal Government's inspections of home insulation installations is not being released to prevent "further disruption of the industry".
THE federal government has refused to release data from its inspection of homes affected by the defunct $2.45 billion home insulation scheme, saying it could create further havoc for the already battered industry.

Climate Change Minister Greg Combet and parliamentary secretary Mark Dreyfus issued a joint statement yesterday saying the inspections had been targeted at installations suspected of being dodgy, so the results would be ''misleading'' and could ''generate further disruption in the insulation industry''.
The opposition accused the government of a cover-up, with climate change spokesman Greg Hunt saying ''the results must be really scaring them to go to these lengths to hide them''.
 ''This is a blatant, disgraceful and shameful attempt to hide important facts about safety risks facing worried homeowners,'' he said.
The opposition has indicated it will push for a judicial inquiry into the home insulation scheme through a private members bill in Parliament.

A judicial inquiry is just what is needed into the most disgraceful waste of taxpayer's money I can remember and heads should roll!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Insulation Debacle Blamed on Bureaucrats- Ministerial Responsibility Ignored!

The Auditor-General's report on the 1.4 billion dollar home insulation debacle which caused house fires,deaths and left thousands of homes in a dangerous condition has blamed the bureaucrats involved not the minister. The rush blamed for the disaster was created by government instructions, not by the bureaucrats who should never have been put in that position by their political masters!
What CEO of a multinational who presided over such a disaster could keep his job by blaming his employees. Peter Garrett was not fired,did not do the decent thing and resign but instead was moved sideways to the portfolio on Education showing that the buck does not stop anywhere in this irresponsible and incompetent government.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Suzuki Fathers Five and Preaches on Overpulation!

Donna Laframboise reports that David Suzuki , the crusading evangelist for all things green has bemoaned the fact that the world is over-populated saying " there are too many of us; we consume too much; we pollute too much…"  while disclosing in his new autobiography that he has five children. Enough said!

What Climate Scientist Consensus?

Following the Royal Society watering down it's stand on Global Warming from a definite to a "maybe" and the resignation letter to the APS by Professor Hal Lewis more cracks are appearing in the Global Warming consensus says the Australian.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Solar Lunacy! Who Pays?

The Green Party which now has the Labor Government by the short and curlies is pushing hard for a national gross feed-in tariff for solar energy where consumers with solar panels are paid a ridiculous rate triple the ordinary tariff for all solar energy generated. The gross feed-in tariff is currently only paid by the insolvent NSW and the leftist Australian Capital Territory Governments ,while the other states have so far opted for the more modest nett tariff which only pays for the nett energy fed onto the grid.

La Stupenda's Final Curtaincall.

Joan Sutherland , died peacefully in Switzerland yesterday , aged 83. . The soprano whom Pavarotti called the "singer of the century" was Australia's greatest artistic export and the world may never see her like again.


Monday, October 11, 2010

The Giants no longer walk the Earth!

James Delingpole reports : The resignation of Harold Lewis , Emeritus Professor of Physics from the American Physical Society is a sad day for science and his letter of resignation is an indictment of the parlous state of science in today's society where data and research are distorted and manipulated to fit green political dogma.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hitler on the 10:10 Eco-morons Film

 Hitler seems to have an opinion on everything including including exploding children ! He can't understand why people don't find it funny!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Solar Power Schemes Rip off Poor - Subsidise Rich!

The National Generators Forum has blown the whistle on the true cost of the solar panel rebate and tariff schemes being implemented lemming -like by the Federal and state governments around the country .

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Exploding Children in Bloody Campaign Backfires for Warmists!

 As widely reported on the web ,a  shocking campaign by leading pro Global Warming advocacy group 10:10 has angered people across the globe with it's gory message that if you don't play ball with the green agenda you will be summarily executed.  Exploding schoolchildren were used for greater effect. It is indicative of the mindset of the loony left that they would think that this bloody message would be acceptable and it's proud unveiling  in the greenest of the green Guardian newspaper was followed by hasty retractions when it was viewed by sane people. The organisation has since removed the video and apologised for it following the public outcry, as corporate sponsors desert the extremist group. This kind of advertising shows the increasing desperation of the warmista in the face of public rejection of the whole Global Warming scam!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Julia Gillard and the Rain in Spain not Falling on the Plain!

Julia Gillard , former Education minister and current Prime Minister is taken to task for abuse of the English language.Definitely a job for Professor Higgins!

Libya On Human Rights Council? Time to Wind Up the UN!

Following the ongoing disaster that is the IPCC it is farcical but not unexpected to see that Libya has been elected to the UN Human Rights Council  with the country's record on human rights abuses. The UN is an organisation with laudable aims that has been completely subverted by a majority membership of ragtag dictatorships,brutal military juntas and religiously intolerant theocracies - all largely funded by a few successful democracies who probably should now know better. Why should they continue to masochistically fund an organisation controlled by this tinpot lot who spend their time attacking the major donors while contributing nothing . It is interesting to note that China , now the world's second largest economy contributes only 2% while the US funds 22% using money borrowed from China - not very clever!

Member state Contribution

(% of UN budget)
United States 22.00%
Japan 16.624%
Germany 8.577%
United Kingdom 6.642%
France 6.301%
Italy 5.079%
Canada 2.977%
Spain 2.968%
China 2.667%
Mexico 2.257%
Other member states 23.908%