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Friday, October 22, 2010

Ararat Wind Farm Gets Green Light!

Approval has been granted to build 75 wind turbines which will be able to power    135000 zero homes with reliable dispatchable energy. These ugly behemoths disfigure the countryside while providing no real GHG emission reduction in practice due to the systemic problems of grid integration , As well as this consumers will have to pay much higher rates for energy to pay the huge subsidies for this "free" power source all for the warm fuzzy feeling of doing something ostensibly green.

A wind farm with up to 75 turbines will be built in western Victoria after receiving planning approval.
Planning Minister Justin Madden approved the $326 million development at Ararat on Friday, subject to conditions.
The 247.5 megawatt wind farm would include up to 75 turbines and produce enough energy to power more than 135,000 homes.
Mr Madden said he had approved the project after accepting the recommendations of an independent panel.
'Community concerns about potential landscape and visual amenity and environmental impacts have been heard and appropriate conditions have been placed on the planning permits, including (addressing) landscape, and flora and fauna issues,' Mr Madden said in a statement.
The wind farm would be built by Renewable Energy Australia and was expected to create 180 jobs during construction.
Wind power without coupling to proper back-up such as hydro is a complete waste of money and the subsidies for wind and the various types of "green" power are going to impoverish our children in the future.I hope I am around to tell my grandchildren I was opposed to this ideological stupidity.


  1. According to hydroworld.com, only 4100 megawatts of new hydro storage is under construction worldwide. That isn't even enough to store all the excess energy from conventional power plants at night, when the consumption drops. There is no way to store energy of the 200000 megawatts wind power installed worldwide. Greenies plan to increase wind power to 2300000 megawatts by 2030


  2. One of the problems with pumped storage is that it
    is almost impossible to get approval to build a dam because of green hysteria. Hydro could definitely make renewable power a goer but it would require huge amounts and there are not sufficient sites or the will to develop them.