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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Green Energy Economy Drowning in Red Ink!

Bloomberg reports that Spain has gone from being the poster child of solar energy to an embarassment as solar investors are being sent bankrupt by a change in Government policy. The Government has renegged on a scheme to pay multiples of the  bulk energy rates to solar producers because it was sending the country broke. This is the same dopey plan implemented in New South Wales which is also broke . The Greens are now pushing for Australia to commit energy hari kari on a national level with a similar scheme.
Solar investors in Spain were lured by a 2007 law passed by the government of Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero that guaranteed producers a so-called solar tariff of as much as 44 cents per kilowatt-hour for their electricity for 25 years -- more than 10 times the 2007 average wholesale price of about 4 cents per kilowatt-hour paid to mainstream energy suppliers.
 It beggars belief that after disasters like this   governments are still contemplating subsidised solar systems but lemming- like they seem committed to follow Spain over the financial cliff!


  1. This is a great idea. i hope it catches on.Renewable energy can be a good time we have a system for storing, wind, solar energy etc and use it when needed.

  2. I guess the Great Depression had a large share of natural energy sources today, the current depression have initial consumer technology space. It is likely that this moment is your last chance to survive as the environment for investment in new energy base will be worse on the road.

  3. Why would you want to change to a system where you need 8 times the people to generate the same amount of energy - it would be daft!I think you are missing the point!

  4. Now a days the great depression is a large share of natural energy sources. And I am fully agree with this blogs views.

  5. It is very good blog for best topic. I am fully agree with your above statement. It is good time for wind, storing and solar energy many more.

  6. Let me take the liberty of correcting some of the misunderstandings evident in a few of these comments. As I understand it, this site does not support green energy. To the contrary, it argues green energy is not economically viable, therefore it should not be subsidized by governments.
    No matter what form of green energy is considered, it will always be economic suicide to implement because it will always be necessary to have conventional power stations online at the same time to meet the entire peak demand for power because all green energy sources are unreliable. Imagine what would happen to our factories and homes when the wind stops blowing or we have a long, overcast winter period when everyone wants to heat their homes. Where is the power going to come from?
    Wake up and understand that with the current state of technology, green power is nothing more than a romantic, or idealistic dream.