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Monday, October 18, 2010

Insulation Inspection Data Kept Secret!

Tom Arup from SMH reports that data from the Federal Government's inspections of home insulation installations is not being released to prevent "further disruption of the industry".
THE federal government has refused to release data from its inspection of homes affected by the defunct $2.45 billion home insulation scheme, saying it could create further havoc for the already battered industry.

Climate Change Minister Greg Combet and parliamentary secretary Mark Dreyfus issued a joint statement yesterday saying the inspections had been targeted at installations suspected of being dodgy, so the results would be ''misleading'' and could ''generate further disruption in the insulation industry''.
The opposition accused the government of a cover-up, with climate change spokesman Greg Hunt saying ''the results must be really scaring them to go to these lengths to hide them''.
 ''This is a blatant, disgraceful and shameful attempt to hide important facts about safety risks facing worried homeowners,'' he said.
The opposition has indicated it will push for a judicial inquiry into the home insulation scheme through a private members bill in Parliament.

A judicial inquiry is just what is needed into the most disgraceful waste of taxpayer's money I can remember and heads should roll!

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