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Monday, October 4, 2010

Libya On Human Rights Council? Time to Wind Up the UN!

Following the ongoing disaster that is the IPCC it is farcical but not unexpected to see that Libya has been elected to the UN Human Rights Council  with the country's record on human rights abuses. The UN is an organisation with laudable aims that has been completely subverted by a majority membership of ragtag dictatorships,brutal military juntas and religiously intolerant theocracies - all largely funded by a few successful democracies who probably should now know better. Why should they continue to masochistically fund an organisation controlled by this tinpot lot who spend their time attacking the major donors while contributing nothing . It is interesting to note that China , now the world's second largest economy contributes only 2% while the US funds 22% using money borrowed from China - not very clever!

Member state Contribution

(% of UN budget)
United States 22.00%
Japan 16.624%
Germany 8.577%
United Kingdom 6.642%
France 6.301%
Italy 5.079%
Canada 2.977%
Spain 2.968%
China 2.667%
Mexico 2.257%
Other member states 23.908%

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