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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Solar Lunacy! Who Pays?

The Green Party which now has the Labor Government by the short and curlies is pushing hard for a national gross feed-in tariff for solar energy where consumers with solar panels are paid a ridiculous rate triple the ordinary tariff for all solar energy generated. The gross feed-in tariff is currently only paid by the insolvent NSW and the leftist Australian Capital Territory Governments ,while the other states have so far opted for the more modest nett tariff which only pays for the nett energy fed onto the grid.

Now, with some energy planning it is easy for an average household to reduce it's power bill to zero or near zero by ensuring enough energy is exported  at triple rates to negate the energy used at normal rates. Many bloggers are boasting that they have already done this!
Now the question that must be asked by anyone with an IQ out of double digits, is what happens when all houses get their solar panels and are paying little or nothing for their electricity? Who pays in this free energy Utopia? There is no free lunch here and if we are paying triple prices for electricity generated ( which incidentally the power grid does not want or need) the bill will eventually be paid by the taxpayer and consumer as the power companies are now mostly privately owned and will have to make a profit.

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