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Friday, November 26, 2010

Another Catastrophe - Fat Cat Shortage Looms!

The ABC reports on a looming catastrophe which will leave Australians quaking in fear . We are looking at a shortage of public servants in the future. Does mean that the bloated bureaucracy will get skinnier? We should be so lucky. It figures that only the  public service ABC would think this is a great story - no  one else would care.

The annual State of the Service report tabled shows the public service workforce grew by 1.7 per cent last financial year to 164,596.
This of course when private industry is cutting non-essential workforce to the bone but then "non-essential" is not in the Public Service lexicon.
Now here is the best part and shows the complete disconnect of the APS that they would think that this is acceptable to hard-working Aussies:

Social networking platforms including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are becoming popular tools among agencies."Sixty-two per cent of APS agencies use social networking tools to engage with their external stakeholders," said Mr Sedgwick."Of those employees who have been involved in those exercises, overwhelmingly, 80 per cent of them say that having access to those tools helps them to do their job better."
These over-paid and underworked turkeys are incredibly spending their time on FACEBOOK at our expense because it helps them  to do their job better! Try explaining that to your boss on a building site or somewhere where real work is done. 

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