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Monday, November 8, 2010

Britain's Solar Stupidity Continues!

James Delingpole reports on the UK Government's ambitious solar plans which will have farmers planting solar arrays instead of crops and reaping a 20 year bumper harvest at the expense of the long suffering taxpayer.
The incentives are amazingly powerful. Under the "feed-in tariff" scheme launched in April as part of an attempt to meet EU targets on renewable energy, farmers are being offered subsidies as high as £1,500 an acre to cover their green fields with shiny, black and silver solar arrays. This means that a farmer with 35 acres to spare stands to make £52,500 a year. What's more, this has been guaranteed, tax-free, by the Government for the next 25 years.
This means that children of today will be paying billions of dollars 20 years into the future for intermittent power at three times normal cost that the power grid does not really want. This is all to satisfy the ideological whims of  a bunch of intellectually-challenged prats in Whitehall who can't do the simple maths to see how dopey the scheme is! Countries formally supportive are now  are starting to jump off the solar band-wagon like fleas off a mangy dog , but not the true believers in the UK Coalition. I must see if I can interest them in some great Nigerian loans!

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  1. Could Desertec be involved in this scam too??
    Is this anything to do with Desertec?
    Who was putting goodies into Hillary Clinton's pocket to spruik solar panels to Julia Gillard and the Australian people this last weekend?
    This is one massive conspiracy that appears to have no end!

    Central Qld