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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cost-Saving State Law Endangers Growth of Wind Industry - Great !

The Illinois Power Agency is under fire for following it's mandate and purchasing wind power on the spot market and at the best price. Green advocates who want to build huge numbers of the useless turbines cannot get financing without long term contracts because no bank or financial institution would lend money on intermittent power generators selling power at  multiples of the normal energy price. The NewYorkTimes shows how far the green press has become disconnected from reality in describing as "Byzantine"the process of spending taxpayer's money economically by calling tenders .  Byzantine means 'convoluted, complicated or difficult"- words I would not apply to a Government following correct procedure ,calling tenders to spend millions of taxpayer's money.

Chicago is the nation’s wind industry economic hub, home to about 80 wind companies from corporate headquarters to turbine component factories. Illinois has ample farmland well-suited for wind farms, and a law mandating that the state get at least 18 percent of its electricity from wind power by 2025.But the byzantine process by which an obscure state agency decides where that wind power comes from has stalled development of new wind farms and threatens to curtail Illinois’s wind generation for years to come, experts said. A number of companies have new farms sited, permitted and ready to be constructed, but a complicated bidding process playing out through December could determine whether any of them are actually built.
Companies say they are caught in a vise. In order to get bank financing to build a wind farm, companies usually need a promise from the Illinois Power Agency — a long-term power purchase agreement — that their electricity will actually be bought for years to come. But the power agency so far has not made guarantees that would facilitate new wind farm construction since it is required to buy electricity from the cheapest sources that will satisfy wind-power mandates.
Wind-power developers fear that unless the governor, the Illinois Commerce Commission or the state legislature takes action to revamp the state’s renewable-energy procurement process, few or no long-term contracts for new wind farms will be awarded and the state will fulfill its renewable-energy requirement largely by buying credits from wind farms in Texas and other states.
The big advantage Illinois will have when the the whole wind scam is fully exposed is that they will not have signed stupid 20 year contracts for which their children will have to pay .

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