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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Geography Syllabus Does Not meet Green/ Left Propaganda Requirements

The Australian has the story of the infighting over the National geography syllabus to be introduced across the country.

THE proposed national geography curriculum lacks clarity and quality.NSW geographers are concerned it contains an inadequate focus on physical geography or the study of "capes and bays", which underpins the study of the discipline.The NSW Board of Studies argues the proposed curriculum will overemphasise social and economic geography at the expense of the study of the physical world. The sample structure for the course suggests students in Years 7-10 take a "cultural/social constructivist" approach.
Now the un-initiated may well wonder what a "cultural/social constructivist approach" is,and view it with well-deserved suspicion. 
Kevin Dunn, professor of geography and urban studies at the University of Western Sydney, said yesterday the NSW curriculum was a benchmark other states should reach."Only with the appropriate amount of mandatory hours can we expect the teaching of geography, at the depth necessary, to ensure that students have a satisfactory level of understanding of environmental sustainability, conservation, population, indigenous cultures and land management," he said."We need citizens who understand their world, and how the world will be in the future."
 Professor Dunn left off the bit about citizens trained to vote for left/green candidates after studying their policy manual for years. Geography is no longer geography when it is being used to spout a political view of the world.


  1. Only with a sufficient amount of hours required can be expected that the teaching of geography at the depth necessary to ensure that students have a satisfactory level of understanding of environmental sustainability, conservation.

  2. As long as we teach them equally that the standard of living they enjoy is one of the advantages of capitalism and that socialist states have been failures!