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Monday, November 15, 2010

Gillard to Consult with Carbon Tax Nations ( Spain Omitted from the List!)

Joe Kelly of the Australian reports that Julia Gillard is going to consult internationally before implementing the carbon tax she promised she wouldn't during the election. I don't know why she is going overseas to consult with  other warmist countries about this silly tax when she could easily save the air fare and consult our local bunch of  warmists who could give her the same dopey advice at a lot lower cost.

LABOR will try to build further support for a carbon price through a Productivity Commission inquiry into the range of climate measures already used by Australia's trading partners.
Climate Change Minister Greg Combet said today it was to time inject more “rigour” into assessing the effective carbon price that existed in other international economies, as Australia explored ways of putting its own price tag on carbon pollution.
Julia Gillard has also demonstrated a dogged resolve in putting a price on carbon, despite President Barack Obama's decision to shelve plans to push through his own emissions trading scheme in the United State
The "dogged resolve was missing in the pre-election denial in September and seems to be part of the soul-selling deal she made with the greens. I hope she weighs up the financial performance of the countries from whom she solicits advice. Opposition leader Tony Abbott will be laughing as he will have his "great big new tax" back on the agenda again! As for Greg Combet the only "rigour" he will inject with this tax will be of the" mortis" kind for our economy!

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