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Thursday, November 11, 2010

General Motors Volt - Great Unless it is Hot!

The US Government has put billions into the design of the GM Volt before ensuring adequate battery technology is available. GM is now road testing the Volt which is a marvel of modern technology unless it gets hot , a pretty basic oversight. 

One disappointment is that the Volt and other Lithium-ion battery-powered electric vehicles may not be viable in hotter climates, such as some states in the American Southwest.  Despite the fact that Volts will be sold in these states, performance may be significantly undermined due to the heat.  Volt Chief Engineer Andrew Farah describes, "The Volt may not be right for everyone. If you live in the Southwest, depending on how you use your car, the Volt might not be right for you."
So provided you don't live in a hot climate,and can park your car in the shade at work, have a garage to park it in at home and can afford the skyrocketing electricity costs ( caused by green power schemes) to charge it then the Volt will be great for you. (as long as you can also afford the high price).
The electric vehicle is a great idea but battery technology is not available yet to make the idea a reality but that will not stop our green-obsessed pollies wasting heaps of taxpayer funds on vehicles like the Volt.
Much better to channel all those funds to develop suitable battery technology first. 


  1. The volt and Tesla are great examples of why government should stay out of business. The Volt was not certified by CARB in CA to be any better on emissions than my 2011 Sonata. The difference is that the real production cost of the Volt was $81,000 US and my Sonata with no government subsidies retails for $20,000. So who is paying the difference between the Volt's $81,000 cost and its $42,000 retail price. Yep the poor American taxpayer. BTW the CARB rating should render the $7,000 AEV Rebate void but somehow I doubt it will and I certainly did not qualify for the federal rebate even though my car doesn't pollute any more than a Volt. I will be throwing eggs at any Chevy Volt I see as they are an affront to honest taxpayers and a rolling reminder of failed government intervention. Lastly I envision well heeled liberal elites who drive to cocktail parties in their BMWs bragging about the Earth friendly Volt sitting in their garage at home. I wonder if it is only American government that is stupid enough to subsidize rich liberals to buy $42,000 Volts or $135,000 Teslas.

  2. ...there's another problem in the offing. If you find out how much power the cars use to charge, multiply it by about 1,000,000 users and then work out where in the grid you put that pesky new base load powerstation to generate the extra power you're going to need...oh wait.