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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Home Climate Prediction With Met Office Software! Wow!

The Met Office has been  so consistently wrong with their predictions that they now don't make short term seasonal forecasts to prevent further embarrassment. Surprisingly they are branching out to allow online users access to their models and software but given the record of the Met I can't imagine why anyone would use such a lemon! Suzanne Rosier starts her Guardian article with the statement " Climate Change is unequivocal" and you can safely ignore anything after that because that is the claim of a zealot , not a scientist.

Participants in this new experiment will, therefore, actually be running two models: a global model to simulate large-scale weather, and a regional model to simulate detailed events in a specific part of the world. "Regional models add the detail of how different types of weather will change to the broad-scale changes provided by global models," explains Richard Jones, head of regional modelling at the Met Office, who led the development of the new experiment. "Watching them run you can see how weather fronts and local features such as mountains interact to produce extreme rainfall."
Both models have been developed by the Met Office, and results from different regions will be used directly by professional scientists specialising in the climates of those regions. The European region will be analysed by the Met Office Hadley Centre and Oxford, Edinburgh and Leeds universities, southern Africa by the University of Cape Town, and the western USA by Oregon State University. Results will also be made available to scientists interested in climate impacts in the various region
Gee! Take one model and we will give you another one free! I can't imagine why the words garbage-in and garbage-out come so readily to mind. They already have the results - they just have to fit some data to them.

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  1. In OSUs participation in this global initiative, led by Philip Mote, director of the Oregon Climate Change Research Institute will examine the reliability of climate models simulating different in the western United States.
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