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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Inconvenient Nonsense.

Bob Carter in the  Australian reports on the inclusion of Al Gore's warmist propaganda film in the draft Australian English syllabus. This is interesting ploy because to include it elsewhere would be to subject it to scrutiny as to factuality and it would not pass muster.

In early February 2007, the Department for Education and Skills in Britain, apparently ignorant that the film was scientifically defective, announced that all secondary schools were to be provided with a climate change information pack that contained a copy of Gore's by then notorious film. Many parents were scandalised at this attempt to propagandise their children on such an important environmental issue.
One parent, school governor Stuart Dimmock who had two sons at a state school in southern England, took legal action against the secretary for education in the High Court, and sought the film's withdrawal from schools.
In a famous judgment in October 2007, Justice Burton, discerning that Gore was on a "crusade", commented that "the claimant substantially won this case", and ruled that the science in the film had been used "to make a political statement and to support a political program" and that the film contained nine fundamental errors of fact out of the 35 listed by Dimmock's scientific advisers. Justice Burton required that these errors be summarised in new guidance notes for screenings.
I think the  film should  have a cigarette-style warning with it to the effect that it is  political propaganda and harmful to young minds!.

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