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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Julia's Marital Problems-Size Does Matter!

The uneasy marriage of Julia Gillard's Labor and the looney Greens has struck problems over the size of proposed emission reductions!

THE Greens are refusing to budge from their emissions cuts target, picking a fight with Labor over its "inadequate" five per cent proposal.
Greens Deputy Leader Senator Christine Milne warned the government today that it would need to raise its target if an agreement on a carbon price were to be reached.
Senator Milne stressed the Greens wanted a target of "at least 25 per cent" with a preferred position of a 40 per cent cut and did not concede that anything lower was acceptable. 
A cut of 40% would have most of the population back living in trees  but the number does not matter because the Greens can say what they like knowing it will not be implemented. Any change in policy will be rung up as a victory for the Greens and a loss for the weak Gillard Government. 

Senator Milne said China had already taken enough action, along with other nations, to warrant a more ambitious reductions target.
"China has done a whole range of things. It's looked at its transport networks. For example, it brought forward the construction of something like 13,000 km of very fast rail, electrified for example by 2013," she explained.
The electric rail will be powered by the many new coal-fired CO2-spewing stations China is building! Right!
"It has put quite challenging targets for the energy intensity of its economy, so, in other words, to produce more with less carbon output. It has moved in terms of vehicle fuel efficiency standards. It's got some of the highest standards in the world and it is producing highly efficiency cars. So they're just some of the means by which they've done it."
Senator Milne has obviously been taken in by the Chinese propaganda line as they have now pushed their way to be the world's top emitter .

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  1. Next spring or perhaps next fall they will need to call another election. Gillard will be dumped and the right will prevail.