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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Labor and Greens - Uneasy Bedfellows!

The decision of the Victorian Coalition  to preference all Green candidates last has painted Labor into a spot . They need the Greens to govern federally but the Greens are white-anting them, syphoning off  left wing supporters of the party . Bill Shorten ,Labor's Assistant Treasurer is trying to distance Labor from the Greens on the basis of the impractibility of their total platform.

“The final question for us all when considering the Greens has got to be; “What would they do in office?

“At generous best they are the mystery bet of Australian politics. At hard headed worst they are the political party that would cut living standards rather than raise them. For example the Greens have made billions in unfunded promises in the Victorian election on November 27th.

“Labor has a nation building record with a commonsense yet optimistic vision for the future. Yet none of these adjectives could apply to the extreme Green promises we are now hearing in Victoria.”
Shorten’s views mark the first time a senior Labor Government figure has broken ranks to openly attack the Greens since Julia Gillard signed up with Bob Brown to the current Greens-ALP agreement at a federal level.

While the context of the comments is the current Victorian state election they are also unambiguously meant as a shot across the bow of Federal Greens leader Bob Brown. They apply to the Greens generally, not just in Victoria.

Shorten’s intent is clear; to warn Brown that Labor can only go so far in accommodating the Greens-ALP alliance that sustains the government in office federally in a hung Parliament.

Meanwhile whatever happens the Coalition will continue to  paint Labor as weak and a prisoner of the Radical Greens. The battle lines are being drawn and it will be interesting to see what happens in the Victorian election.

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