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Friday, November 12, 2010

Sun Setting on Era of Cheap Solar

The Australian has the story that the Australian Government is planning to reduce rebates on solar systems as many are being installed at little or no cost to the recipient, the cost being paid by the taxpayer and other consumers.

HOMEOWNERS will have to pay at least $1000 towards the cost of their solar panels, under an overhaul of the Gillard government's green subsidy scheme.
This will end the era of installing rooftop solar systems for free or at little cost.
The solar scheme clawback comes as Industry Minister Kim Carr refuses to guarantee the future of the much criticised "cash-for-clunkers" climate change program, which is designed to reward people for upgrading to newer, less polluting cars.
The federal Climate Change Department has drafted regulations, to take effect from January, that would slash thousands of dollars' worth of subsidies for photovoltaic units installed on homes by 20 per cent or more if "there is systematic evidence that (they) were being provided at little or no out-of-pocket expense to consumers".
I have heard on the grapevine that Queensland is planning changes also which will be another blow to this misguided scheme! The sooner it is scrapped the better.The same little bird tells me that even the small amount of intermittent solar generation is playing havoc with distribution transformers with fluctuating unbalanced loads and phase reversals causing headaches.
Update: The Despatch Box also takes a swipe at the solar rort.

THEY are perhaps the greatest symbol of middle-class affluence since designer baby prams first rolled out on the streets of Sydney’s Double Bay.
Beautiful, glittering, taxpayer-subsidised solar-roof panels.With a glass of organic shiraz in one hand and a copy of Stephanie Alexander’s $125 cookbook in the other, what backyard is now complete without a solar-panel rig on the roof ?So, it was a shock to discover, courtesy of the release of briefing papers from the government’s multi-party climate change committee yesterday, that according to at least one expert, the nation appears in the grip of a tragi-comedy.Not only are solar panels on your roof one of the most expensive, and possibly the dumbest, ways you can abate greenhouse gas emissions, they are also driving up the cost of electricity for all the poor buggers who don’t have them.

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