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Friday, December 17, 2010

Britain Jolly Rogered!

The inimitable James Delingpole delivers a scathing indictment of Huhne and the UK's   Energy Policy which will eventually turn Britain into a Third World country.

Captain Huhneblower by Fenbeagle

In Cameron’s cosy circle of spoiled toffs it of course matters not one jot whether your electricity bill is £250 or £2500 or, frankly, £25,000. It doesn’t matter if your view is ruined by a field of ruddy great wind turbines (not if say your father in law is Sir Reginald Sheffield who stands to make large sums of money from “farming” that intermittent wind). It doesn’t even seem to matter what happens to all those businesses, small ones especially, which are going to be crippled by these artificially-induced energy price increases: not when in Cameron’s circles the only people who really matter are either in-the-loop corporate fat cats whose larger companies can more easily wear the extra costs or City bankers heavily exposed to “green energy” interests.
To the rest of us, though, these things are going to start mattering more and more.

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  1. Its cold as this latest load of Global Warming is dumped on our drives and melts to cause icy snows.
    T-T-T-The Right Dishonourable C. Buff Huhne is a b-b-b-bloody *-*-*anker and numbers amongst his Tory acolytes a Director of Rothchilds [We want "green" " carbon" investment] and a member of the Trilateral Commission and Bilderberg Group.[We want the EU and world government]
    The acronym [that is a good engineers tool!] of his technical illiteracy in the UK is TBDS - Technical Brain Dead Syndrome which seems to be a common affliction of most of the political caste of eco-loons!
    Thus speaks Norfolk Dumpling through frozen teeth and icicles from his nose.