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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Come On Down! 100 Billion Grand Global Giveaway!

  Nations meeting at Cancun have reached agreement but  only to maybe do very little except to dole out 100 billion to all those funny little generaldoms ,sundry dictatorships and communist Chavez-style "governments" who make up the majority of the largely mendicant group known as the United Nations. However once the money hits the UN a great amount will be absorbed into the bowels of the huge flatulent UN bureaucracy and regulation-generating mechanism and never will be seen again. However as Copenhagen was promising the same 100 billion maybe they will still be talking about it in Durban South Africa next year . 

 UN climate conference has approved a deal to create a "green" fund for developing countries and to take other small steps to address global warming.
The deal was brokered as Bolivia heatedly objected claiming the pact doesn't go far enough.
But the agreement in Cancun went a long way to restoring faith in the unwieldy UN process after the letdown a year ago at a much-anticipated summit in Copenhagen, though an overarching accord to slash global emission is being deferred another year.
The new agreement creates “building blocks” for a new global pact and, unexpectedly, gives recognition to the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from industrial countries by 25 to 40 per cent from 1990 levels within the next 10 years.
Current pledges amount to about 16 per cent.
Debate on a larger pact was deferred to the 2011 conference in Durban, South Africa. Australia was represented at the conference by the Minister of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, Greg Combet.


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