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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Green Start gets Red Stop Light.

Another bungled green scheme of the Gillard Government has been scrapped with the Green Start project given the axe with $30 million in compensation to be paid out.

THE Gillard Government has dumped yet another bungled environment scheme
And it has been forced to offer $30 million in compensation to 10,000 people who will be out of work.
It has also been left with no major policy to encourage homes to be energy efficient and fight rising electricity prices.
The $212 million Green Start scheme that it promised would begin before the end of the year has been scrapped after the Government admitted it had no confidence in it.
Instead it is bringing back the axed Green Loans scheme - for just two months - before it too will be closed down on February 28.
 Opposition environment spokesman Greg Hunt said the Government was in "environmental chaos".
"It continues a pattern of disaster and mismanagement in the environment portfolio," he said. If the Government could not manage insulation batts, green loans and solar rebates, it should not be trusted to implement a complex tax on electricity to fight climate change.
 Following this serial display of Government incompetence  we now have the next disaster-in-progress  on the horizon with the   Climate Change Committee agreeing on a set of "principles" and  Aussie taxpayers will again be whacked! 
The principles include environmental effectiveness, economic efficiency, budget neutrality, competitiveness of Australian industries, energy security, fairness for households and accountability.
And these dodos believe all this is going to be achieved with a Bloody Great Big New Tax ,as Tony Abbott has been wont to  call it , when the tax will actually deliver the opposite effects!