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Monday, December 20, 2010

Ministry of Truth - Global Warming Causes Harsh Winters

The Irish Times reports that the current harsh winter may "paradoxically" be the result of Global Warming. This of course follows the new theory that cold is caused by warming and therefore by CO2 . The old theory that CO2 causes warming is still true and if you can understand all this you are probably barking mad. Maybe this is all an Irish joke!

THE COLD spell Ireland and the rest of northern Europe has been experiencing may, paradoxically, be the result of global warming, rather than evidence it is not happening, according to the most recent scientific research.
The Journal of Geophysical Research suggested a link between diminishing levels of sea ice in the Arctic and an increased probability of harsh winters across Europe, saying these “do not conflict the global warming picture, but rather supplement it”.
As HSBC Global Research noted in its latest report, If the World is Warming, Why is it so Cold?, “climate change involves profound disruptions in global average temperatures. But as individuals we only experience local weather.” And “coming on the back of the unusual cold winters of 2009-2010, this cold spell has caused some commentary that global warming is over”. The explanation they offer is that the “warming trend is not uniform, and northern Europe has shown considerable cooling this winter”.
We all wondered how the Church of Latter Day Warmers would handle the return to normal cold winters and now we know.
 On this new wondrous Warmist World  of   twisted truths the words of the Mad Hatter come to mind:
There is a place. Like no place on Earth. A land full of wonder, mystery, and danger! Some say to survive it: You need to be as mad as a hatter. 

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