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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Time To Say Goodbye!

Chancellor Merkel is one of a long list of non-attendee diplomats at the Cancun Conference - the list includes virtually all of the West's leaders which is surprising since they have been continually telling us Global Warming is currently the greatest threat to the human race. With  the help of the beautiful Sarah Brightman and one of my favorite melodies Pierre Gosselin in his No Tricks Zone comments :

The German press and politicians are writing off this conference, already. It’s over, and nobody sings “Time to say goodbye” better than Europe does. Sit back and enjoy this lovely tribute to Cancun (pre-recorded).
Lovely! Isn’t this supposed to be a sad song? For me it’s a happy one.

Climate Treaty is dead in water.
When the media in Germany are this pessimistic about Cancun and are already rehearsing this beautiful tune, then you know it’s over.
Even German centre-left daily Die Zeit has the headline today:Germany Dampens Cancun Expectations.
Germany, led by Angela Merkel, is a leading proponent of a global climate treaty, actually believing it is possible to regulate the globe’s temperature. Japan, Canada and Russia are demanding a treaty that also commits China to limiting greenhouse gas emissions, which is a sure way to kill it. Die Zeit writes:
Federal Environment Minister Norbert Röttgen (CDU) does not expect a breakthrough in Cancun.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) is not even taking part in the conference.
Even the UNEP Director, Achim Steiner, is dampening expectations: ’Cancun is certainly not the summit that is going to bring about a breakthrough’, he said.”
If Germany has given up, then you can be 99.9999999999999% sure this thing is dead as a doornail.
To save face, countries of course will agree on token measures like protecting forests and signing pledges to continue efforts – next year. Of course, all the finger pointing is being directed at the USA and China. No blame for those that conjured up the idiotic idea that was nuts to begin with.
Die Zeit ends its piece with:
The Chairman of Environment and Nature Protection Germany, Hubert Weiger, calls on Röttgen to continue fighting together with Europe for a continuation of the Kyoto  Protocol. But observers see little chance for a breakthrough in the talks.”
Perhaps Europe ought to wake up and realise that the rest of the world is not interested in being constantly nagged and told what to do. Take care of your own problems. Nobody is listening to you.

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