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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bedbugs--- Thank your local Greenie!

An infestation of bedbugs has been found on a British Airways flight much to the discomfort of passengers. Historically controlled very successfully by DDT, bedbugs have made a comeback in hotels and accomodation especially in the US.
Bed Bugs
Australians are being warned there is no escape from the bedbugs which are currently staging a jet-setting comeback in hotels on both sides of the Atlantic.

After being all but wiped out by banned pesticide DDT years ago, the little brown bugs are reportedly increasing in numbers, generating some bad PR for tourist hotspots New York and London.
Bedbug cases in both cities are on the rise as the parasites hitch a lift in luggage, aircraft seats and clothes to wherever people sleep or rest.
Infestations are common in backpacker-friendly suburbs like Bondi and Coogee, but it is not just overseas travellers who are being attacked.
DDT was banned following Rachel Carson's book Silent Spring and has been an iconic greenie target ever since even though evidence has exonerated the chemical. Untold third world millions have died unnecessarily from malaria over the years because of the ban on DDT which has recently been lifted by the WHO but is still in place in the developed countries due to greenie influence. Maybe the bedbugs will change that.


  1. Those really look nasty and huge.
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  2. Barry, they probably look much smaller in reality. Bed bugs tend to be tiny, the biggest ones being the size of a thumb.