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Saturday, February 5, 2011

"Climate Scientist" Garnaut's Gloom and Doom

 Today we have Ross Garnaut , economist , splashed across the daily rags with his doomsday opinions on Global Warming with none of the papers questioning his complete lack of technical credentials to be commenting on the subject with authority.The papers also make no effort to find a dissenting view which would certainly happen if he were a skeptic.

Garnaut Updates Gloomy Review in the SMH:
On Thursday, in the first of a series of updates to his 2008 Climate Change Review, Professor Garnaut was clear about the link between recent extreme weather events, from Black Saturday to cyclone Yasi, and global warming. ''There is a general story of the warming of the world intensifying extreme events,'' he said.
''It's written deeply into the literature.''
 What is more, Garnaut said that since his 2008 review the science has only become more alarming. ''The general trend is to confirm that the [UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, in its fourth assessment report of 2007] underestimated the impacts of climate change. All the measurable impacts … are tracking right at the top of the range of possibilities identified by the [panel], or in some cases above them.
''Bear in mind that we're just at the beginning of warming process,'' he added. With warming now at less than 1 degree above pre-industrial levels, and with the sort of emissions growth that is going to follow from the industrialisation of China, India, Indonesia and other developing countries, ''if we are seeing an intensification of extreme weather events now … you ain't seen nothing yet''.
In the Australian:
ROSS Garnaut has hit back at opponents of climate change action, declaring that uncertainty about global temperature rises increases the case for cutting emissions rather than doing nothing, and that Australia risks playing a "deeply subversive role" if it fails to pull its weight on the global issue.

The government's climate change adviser left open the possibility he may recommend higher targets for emissions cuts when he hands in his final recommendations to the government in May.
While Professor Garnaut said it was too early to say what his recommendation would be, he warned that Australia was putting a lot of costs into the future by not making a start on a carbon price.
After recommending emissions cuts of 25 per cent on 2000 levels by 2020, with a comprehensive world agreement to limit temperature rises to 2 per cent, 10 per cent cuts with a less ambitious agreement and an unconditional target of 5 per cent, Professor Garnaut said Australia's ultimate target should not be a drag on the international effort.

 If Garnaut was a skeptic he would be ridiculed for his lack of technical qualifications but this has not stopped his appointment to the position of  Climate Adviser to the Australian Government.

Gilbert and Sullivan's parody on public appointments has withstood the test of time with a Ruler of the King's Navy who has "never been to sea".

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