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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Gaia disciple Tim Flannery appointed Australia's climate commissioner

Tim Flannery who is known for his belief that the earth is conscious has been appointed Australia's climate commissioner . 
It is, whereas it’s always been unconscious until now. This is… Gaia now has a consciousness. Just as we have a consciousness, but I defy you to say your big toe has a consciousness. We still say we are conscious. It’s the same way as Gaia is conscious now

Tim Blair also is not impressed with Flannery's foolishness.

Flannery has been talking up this transformation for some time. He told an audience at La Trobe University in 2009 that “just over the last decade Gaia is on the threshold of acquiring a brain … the Kyoto Protocol was a first failed attempt by Gaia to regulate its conditions … Gaia now has a consciousness. Just as we have a consciousness.”
That’s some serious science right there, friends. But how will the rest of us – those who aren’t so rational and sciencey and all – know when the great moment is upon us? How will we know that the Earth has grown a brain? For that matter, what will this sentient Frankenplanet spirit monster look like?
According to a Flannery piece in the New York Review of Books, James Lovelock – the British science guy who came up with this Gaia rubbish in the first place – “often describes Gaia as an elderly lady”. Presumably a really big one, with a cloud-sized blue rinse and bingo wings so gigantic that they can trigger hurricanes.
Also, she’s into incest. Ancient Greek poet Hesiod wrote that Gaia “lay with her son, Uranus,” thus spawning a whole pile of inbred godlets. No surprise that one of them, Cyclops, only had a single eye. Thanks for the diminished gene pool and depth-perception issues, Gaia and uncle-daddy.
Do we really want this child-sexing redneck mama walking among us? Sure, it’s fine for Flannery, who’s on Gaia’s team. He can even communicate with the beast, as he explained to Andrew Denton in 2008. “It’s life that makes the atmosphere what it is, that’s a very important aspect of Gaia, you know,” said the bearded Gaia-whisperer. “Gaia is life working as a whole to maintain the atmosphere as it is, so that life can go on. So, Gaia I think is saying to us ‘it’s time youtook control.’ “
It’s definitely time we took something. Chlorpromazine, possibly, or anything else in the anti-hallucinogenic range. Flannery’s audience never sees a bad side to Gaia’s looming incarnation, but many of us should fear it. She’s likely not to be impressed by carbon polluters, for example. To them, Gaia will no doubt materialise in the manner of a vengeful Japanese movie monster. Instead of Godzilla or Mothra, she will be Carbonara, slayer of coal-fired power plants and non-cyclists. It’ll be quite a show.

I guess Flannery will be having discussions in his back-yard with Gaia on the best way to proceed and transmit those views to the red-eyed Julia.. With appointments like his and Tampax Charlie running around the UK sprouting the Warmist ideology the flamboyant skeptic Christopher Monckton is starting to look quite mainstream and pedestrian in comparison.

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