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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Leave the Kids Out of It!

An environmental group 1Sky has released a video using children spouting Global Warming propaganda on cue.
Obviously written by adults the move has misfired with even the New York Times saying how tacky it is to use children in this way.
It’s a shame to have to hold these discussions out in public, but the failed mass communication of climate change now necessitates it. The starting point is creating voices that the public likes. It’s that simple. It’s the fourth chapter of my book, “Don’t Be So Unlikeable.” People listen to and repeat voices they like. They don’t listen to voices they don’t like. The environmental movement has proven themselves inept at creating a likeable voice. I side with the right wing and even Fox News when environmentalists go and produce offensive videos like this recent one which was justifiably ridiculed by the right. Using children to deliver an adult message worked for Barry Goldwater, started to lose it’s steam in the hippie-dippy days, and today is just pathetic — especially when the writing is as transparent as what they point out with the “take a powder” line. Come on. Seriously. You’re not helping the cause. 
The Warmists are becoming more desperate as Global Warming is fading as an issue to the extent that it was not mentioned in Obama's State of the Nation address.

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