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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Carbon Tax Rallies!

The Climate faithful are rallying in Melbourne to support Gillard's Carbon tax without any regard for how un-Australian their actions are. Any red-blooded Aussie hates the taxman and in fact it was a tax on miners in Victoria that provoked the only armed rebellion in this fair country when miners fought at the Eureka Stockade - an Ocker version of the Tea Party. The miners produced their own flag and acquitted themselves bravely with the result that the tax was removed. The Eureka Stockade story was committed to verse by Australia's own bush poet laureate Henry Lawson.

The ABC reports:

The debate on global warming heated up in Melbourne on Saturday, where rival rallies were held over the Federal Government's proposed carbon tax.
The Government's carbon tax will start in July next year and then morph into an emissions trading scheme, but the details of the tax and the amount of compensation are yet to be determined.
Several thousand people gathered at Treasury Place in the CBD to call for swift action on climate change.
Simon Sheikh from the community action group GetUp! called on the Government to speed up the implementation of the tax and to use the funds to invest in clean energy.
"We know we have no other choice. We know that we are the last generation, the last line of defence for mother nature," he said.
"It must be us that takes action on climate change before the tipping points that we know will do untold damage."
But in Melbourne's outer west, several hundred people angered by the prospect of a carbon tax protested outside Prime Minister Julia Gillard's electoral office at Werribee.
Speakers feared a tax would drive up the cost of living and cause mass job losses.
Protester Lori McLean told the crowd she blamed the Greens' influence on Labor.
"To the people that voted the Greens in in the election, I wonder what you're thinking now? And when the Greens take over the Senate in July, god help us all," she said.
"We need another election, bring on the election, that's what we need. These people were never rightfully voted in in the first place."
It is easy to guess which rally the Eureka stockaders would attend!

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  1. The science facts, CO2 build up is from 300yrs of land clearing deserts and volcanoes. There is no clean energy on horizon hence tax has no foundation. One volcano day is equal to 1 years of power station steel etc emissions. We must keep emotions and "I think" out of debate and solution. Hard science and historical evidence is:- Over billions of years mass volcanic eruption blocked out sun and global cooling and semi darkness fell across the earth for millennium. Death of much living matter occurred see Mongolia as case and point.
    Charging industry a tax is actually illegal the principle cause is developed nations over 300 years stripping now developing nations of their timber and minerals leaving reflective deserts to preheat incoming sun's heat in upper atmosphere. The reality is these dying land masses emitting CO2e regions and now mass volcanic eruptions as painfully obvious are the principle causes. The current government needs urgent cash to return budget back to black before next election.
    I sat on UNCTAD UNFCCC from 1996-01 setting methods to lower CO2 build up without cost to nations and aid industry in researching low cost clean energy. We allowed 70 years to switch and at same time lower CO2e. See Robert Vincin Google.
    The Current Government and APH need new advisers. Well planned lowering CO2e under Kyoto rules could actually generate serious income, employ thousands in new careers.
    Unless we commence repairing mass land water and vegetation degradation global cooling and all it delivers is a reality. the UN says 300million environmental refugees over next 20years with their own governments support will look for greener pastures and
    Australia seems green. Getting it right we can lower CO2e enjoy business as usual assist industry in advancing clean energy research without the current illegal tax on the people. This issue is apolitical virtually a war against nature rebellion of being abused. In the cause is the solution. Get professional expert trained advice into APH is urgently needed.
    Do your due diligence before you write or support the current tax industry. Coal is de-facto volcano emissions. Get it right.
    The solution so simple its missed in that corner APH office. God help the historians of tomorrow under current APH leadership.
    Robert Vincin