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Friday, March 11, 2011

A Few Kangaroos Short in the Top Paddock!

The latest fruitcake idea from the econuts is a proposal that rather than give Granny a dignified conventional funeral she should have a choice of a cardboard box ,chemical liquefaction or being frozen and powdered. Next it will be an open pit and a bucket of lime or maybe a composter or even possibly a giant worm farm where she could go in with the vegetable peelings and back into the garden.
Have these people completely lost their marbles and does human dignity mean nothing to them?

DYING is bad for the environment if people are buried in traditional ways.
So says Labor MLA Carryn Sullivan.
In an extraordinary statement today she said: "Almost all of the 27,000 people who died in Queensland in 2010 were laid to rest in conventional burials or cremations.
"Both practices involve the release of toxins and carcinogens with significant impacts on the environment."
Mrs Sullivan was speaking in her capacity as chairwoman of the Queensland Parliament's Environment and Resources Committee.
She called for an investigation into "green" burials that minimise pollution.
"The funeral industry, like other service, producer and manufacturing industries, has a vital role to play in minimising pollution. Burials and cremations are big business in Australia and have changed little in my lifetime. Our inquiry will have a fresh look at the industry's practices and how they can be improved.
"I'm keen to discover why cheaper, greener choices to conventional burials and cremations are not readily available."
More environmentally friendly methods of burial include using simple wooden or biodegradable cardboard coffins, liquefying a corpse through chemical treatment or even freezing and "shattering" it into a fine powder using vibrations.

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