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Friday, March 18, 2011

Friend or foe could kill carbon bill!

On the carbon tax issue Julia Gillard is wedged uncomfortably between an invigorated Abbot opposition and the dreamers and fellow travellers that make up the Greens . Dennis Shanahan in  the Australian  reports:

JULIA Gillard has adopted plan B. The Prime Minister has declared simultaneous war on the climate-change denying Tony Abbott and the otherworldly Bob Brown over the implementation of a carbon price that both fights global warming and defends Australian jobs.
The Prime Minister has whole-heartedly and explicitly decided to take on the "two extremes" of Australian politics, as she describes the Coalition and the Australian Greens, in her efforts to impose a carbon tax from July 1 next year.
All the polls - not just the record low for Labor's primary vote in Newspoll - have Labor flailing, Gillard's dissatisfaction rocketing and, for the first time, the majority of public opinion against the idea of imposing a carbon price to combat global warming. There is also a sudden decline in the US in public concern about climate change as the US government retreats from an emissions trading scheme.
Recent polls both in Australia and the US show declining support for    man-made warming alarmism with many people tending to get bored with the subject and adopting a "been there ,done that" attitude. Trying to foist a "great big new tax" on an apathetic populace is a Herculean task and Gillard is not up to it , but the bridges have all been burnt now and there is no way back!

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