"It doesn't matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn't matter how smart you are. If it doesn't agree with experiment, it's wrong." Richard P. Feynman

Thursday, March 31, 2011

From Both Sides Now- Climate Science Contradicts Itself!

Joni Mitchell's song "From both Sides Now" came to mind when looking at the contradictory views of warmist scientists giving me a good excuse to play one of my favourites!

The Warmists with their settled science have a vast array of "peer reviewed" papers to draw on to explain how Global Warming has caused any particular problem. Warm or cold,wet or dry, snow or drought ,whatever happens evil Global Warming is the root cause of it and it can be scientifically proved. The list of so-called bad effects of AGW is huge but not always consistent.
Pierre Gosselin of the No Tricks Zone reports on 30 Contradictory Pairs of Peer-Reviewed papers showing how man-made climate change experts contradict themselves taking both sides of a particular position.

Amazon dry season greener
Amazon dry season browner
Avalanches may increase
Avalanches may decrease – wet snow more though [?]
Bird migrations longer
Bird migrations shorter
Bird migrations out of fashion
Boreal forest fires may increase
Boreal forest fires may continue decreasing
Chinese locusts swarm when warmer
Chinese locusts swarm when cooler
Columbia spotted frogs decline
Columbia spotted frogs thrive in warming world
Coral island atolls to sink [?]
Coral island atolls to rise [? - ?]
Earth’s rotation to slow down
Earth’s rotation to speed up
East Africa to get less rain
East Africa to get more rain – pdf
Great Lakes less snow
Great Lakes more snow
Gulf stream slows down
Gulf stream speeds up a little
Indian monsoons to be drier
Indian monsoons to be wetter
Indian rice yields to decreasefull paper
Indian rice yields to increase
Latin American forests may decline
Latin American forests have thrived in warmer world with more co2!
Leaf area index reduced [1990s]
Leaf area index increased [1981-2006]
Malaria may increase
Malaria may continue decreasing
Malaria in Burundi to increase
Malaria in Burundi to decrease [?]
North Atlantic cod to decline
North Atlantic cod to thrive
North Atlantic cyclone frequency to increase
North Atlantic cyclone frequency to decreasefull pdf
North Atlantic Ocean less salty
North Atlantic Ocean more salty
Northern Hemisphere ice sheets to decline [? - ? - ?]
Northern Hemisphere ice sheets to grow [?]
Plant methane emissions significant
Plant methane emissions insignificant
Plants move uphill
Plants move downhill [?]
Sahel to get less rain
Sahel to get more rain
Sahel may get more or less rain
San Francisco less foggy
San Francisco more foggy
Sea level rise accelerated
Sea level rise deceleratedfull pdf
Soil moisture less
Soil moisture more
Squids get smaller
Squids get larger
Stone age hunters may have triggered past warming [?]
Stone age hunters may have triggered past cooling
Swiss mountain debris flow may increase
Swiss mountain debris flow may decrease
Swiss mountain debris flow may decrease then increase in volume
UK may get more droughts
UK may get more rain
Wind speed to go up [?]
Wind speed slows down [?]
Wind speed to speed up then slow down
Winters maybe warmer [? - ?]
Winters maybe colder ;O)


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