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Friday, March 11, 2011

New Poll- Labor in Freefall!

The latest Roy Morgan Poll has the Coalition leading Labor 55% to 44.5% following announcement of Labor's proposed carbon tax. Of those polled 72% believed Gillard lied when she promised before the election that she would not introduce such a tax.

Gary Morgan says:
“The latest telephone Morgan Poll shows the L-NP (55.5%, up 4%) gaining a very strong lead over the ALP (44.5%, down 4%) after Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced plans to reintroduce ‘carbon tax’ legislation in Parliament to put a price on carbon.
“The immediate reaction of the public is very poor to the Government’s proposal with a clear majority of Australian electors (57%) opposed to the legislation and an even higher majority (72%) saying Gillard lied about the issue with a pre-election commitment.

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