"It doesn't matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn't matter how smart you are. If it doesn't agree with experiment, it's wrong." Richard P. Feynman

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Alan Jones skewers David Karoly!

Love him or hate him Alan Jones has a wide audience and agressively interviews David Karoly, an  IPCC lead author and one of Australia's leading warmists.Jones has done his homework ( or someone has done it for him) and Karoly , used to the easy interviews served up by our left-wing press does not know what hit him. Listen and enjoy!
Update: Predictably Jonathan Holmes of the  ABC thinks David Karoly was treated terribly by Alan Jones.
Last Wednesday on Sydney radio station 2GB, Breakfast host Alan Jones did his first interview this year with a climate scientist who doesn't reckon that the whole thing is nonsense.
Mind you, it's stretching the term to call Alan's half-hour chat with Professor David Karoly of the University of Melbourne an interview. It was part interrogation, part harangue. 

At least Karoly got on air which is more than a skeptical scientist can do on the warmist ABC.

Citizen's Climate Committee - Mark 2

When Julia Gillard came up with the dopey  thought bubble about forming  a group of 150 citizens to advise the Government about Climate Change it was rightly ridiculed and quickly disappeared after the election. Now when the going is getting tough selling the unsaleable  Carbon Tax it has been proposed that another non-politician "independent" Committee (Labor loves committees) be formed to set emission levels which would stand unless overturned by Parliament. I guess Failed Forecast  Flannery and Ross Garnaut would be prime contenders for this "independent" body to take the opprobrium away from the Government for such a silly and unpopular tax - a sort of carbon cop similar to the Reserve Bank but setting emission levels , not interest rates. Gillard should realise that it is the Government's job to govern and make wise decisions in the interests of the electorate and she has failed on both counts and this attempt to buck-pass an unpopular decision to a committee is another example of a government that has lost it's way!

Kyoto Rejection Encourages Carbon Tax Opponents

Russia,Canada and Japan are not signing on to the new Kyoto - a move welcomed by miners and other opponents of the Carbon Tax in Australia leaving Australia and the EU the only ones committing to the new round. Meanwhile a figure of $10.00 per ton is being touted as a "starting level" for the new impost - it could be described as the Carbon tax you have when you are not really having a Carbon tax. 

AUSTRALIA'S mining industry has seized on the refusal of three major economies to sign on to a new round of Kyoto Protocol emissions cuts, as Tony Abbott warned even a business-endorsed $10-a-tonne carbon price would cost jobs.
Russia, Japan and Canada confirmed at the weekend G8 meeting they would not join a second round of carbon cuts if developing countries are not being required to make their own emissions reductions.
The Minerals Council said Australia and the European Union were now the only major developed nations or groups of nations committed to an extension of the protocol after its expiry at the end of next year.
“Confirmation of the likely demise of the Kyoto Protocol means that Australia will be introducing a new $11 billion carbon tax on the economy in the absence of a binding global agreement to reduce emissions,” the Minerals Council said in a statement.
But Julia Gillard denied Australia was acting ahead of the rest of the world.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Sea Levels not behaving in line with Warmist Predictions!

Data showing “ rising sea levels” that are actually falling  is another nail in the coffin of climate catastrophism.


   I am frustrated, as are many in our community when I see scientists clinging to a global warming hypothesis which clashes with reality  and using “appeal to Authority” to over-rule common sense objections
to such blatant inconsistencies. Penny Wongs reply to Bob Carter et al said  “When climate change scientists talk about global warming they mean warming of the climate system as a whole, which includes the atmosphere, the oceans,and the cryosphere”, and then adds “in terms of a single indicator of global warming, change in ocean heat content is most appropriate”.
The ocean levels now are the same as seven years ago which given the normal 2mm per year gradient can be interpreted as an implied “fall” of 14mm over that period. I would be interested to hear Penny's view on the latest data as ocean levels can be used as a  temperature proxy because of thermal expansion and contraction.
Of course alarmists are now saying their models now trump reality according to the Met's chief scientist , so contradictory real world measurements can be ignored in this wacky post-normal world!
     At the other end of the scale, by way of contrast, the Met’s principle research scientist John Mitchell told us: “People underestimate the power of models. Observational evidence is not very useful,” adding, “Our approach is not entirely empirical.”
Steve Goddard has an interesting take on how colors are being used to disguise the ocean level changes. 
H/T Trevor and Tommo

The World according to Carp. Fines in Canada to Fertiliser in Oz

Donna La Framboise has the story of a farmer in Canada who cannot pump floodwater from his fields because he may kill some carp.

Here in Canada environmental bureaucrats are kicking a beleaguered corn farmer when he’s down. It isn’t bad enough Martin Reid is experiencing a nightmare Spring. His fields are currently under a meter (3 feet) of water due to flooding – which means his growing season has already been severely compromised.Among those flood waters is a species of fish. Apparently, when he experienced similar flooding back in 1993, Reid used pumps to dissipate the water, but fish were killed in the process. As a result he was fined $1,000 for – get this – illegal fishing. He was also advised that a second offense could involve a $100,000 fine.Rather than launching a fish rescue mission themselves, the bureaucrats at Fisheries and Oceans Canada have chosen to sit in their armchairs and make life difficult for this man who’s fighting for his economic survival.
Reid has been obliged to purchase a fishing license and, according to a news story:He’s under strict orders to safeguard the lives of the carp once he begins to expel them.“We have to collect all of them, and we have to fish both sexes, that’s what (the permit) says,” Reid explained.“I have to transport them so as not to damage them, by containers with water inside. If some of them die, I have to bury them.”When contacted by a journalist, provincial authorities supported their federal bureaucratic counterparts:“The idea is to help farmers,” said Jean-Philippe Detolle. “The licence was issued to reassure them they won’t be fined.”This is how you know you’ve woken up in a Kafka novel.
Here in Australia   the carp is such a destructive pest the rivers are being netted to remove them and turn  them into fertiliser! Hardly an endangered species!
A New South Wales business that turns European carp into fertiliser has won a prestigious Banksia Environmental Award.
The Pest Animal Co-operative Research Centre has found the carp cause almost $16 million damage to our rivers each year.
Charlie Carp Fertilisers expects to remove about 250 tonnes of the pest fish from the Murray Darling Basin this year.
Managing director Harold Clapham says there's plenty of scope for the business to expand.
"We started developing a fertiliser that we sold in retail packs.
"In the last 18 months we've gone down the track of getting our organic certification.
"The plan is to significantly expand the commercial operations.
"This year we would have sold at least two container loads of product overseas, and hopefully we can develop that as well."

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Andrew Bolt and Alarmist Predictions

Andrew Bolt in his new Sunday show "The Bolt Report" compares alarmist predictions to actual events and Bob Carter is interviewed. Andrew's favourite Tim Flannery of course comes in for special attention.

The fact that Boltie has his own weekly show is a shift of seismic proportions in Australian TV which would have been impossible even one year ago showing how much public opinion has changed.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Britannia Sinking Below the Waves!

The UK Government is launching a deliberate policy of National self harm unparallelled in that country's history with the promise to cut emissions by 50% by 2027 with the enormous damage to industry and living standards this will cause. The once-mighty island nation that for centuries ruled the waves and spawned the Industrial Revolution is now in terminal decline with their own rulers turning off their energy life-support.  Matt Ridley of the Spectator comments on a new Green Dark Age falling upon Britain as the world of cheap available energy diappears!

Welsh Wild about Wind Towers!

Christopher Booker has the story on angry public reaction in Wales to plans to build 800 ugly wind structures across their landscape . These monster bird-mincers will cost 5 times the cost of a gas-powered station while producing (erratically) one third of the power and destroy the landscape and bird-life  as a bonus. How environmental groups can support this vandalism of the country-side escapes me and it seems to me that only those opposing this stupidity are  true environmentalists.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Coal - The Ultimate Hypocrisy

Australia's carbon tax is aiming to reduce our emissions by 5% by 2020 in the fight against "dangerous global warming" no matter what damage is done to our economy.  Australia's direct CO2 emissions in 2008 were 437million tons  and probably are similar to that today - say 500 million tons for example. A reduction of 5% in our emissions would be 25 million tons by 2020.
Australia is the largest exporter of coal in the world and in 2008 exported 250 million tons-  increasing every year!

From a US energy report I found the following information on coal to CO2 conversion.

 Because the atomic weight of carbon is 12 and that of oxygen is 16, the atomic weight of carbon dioxide is 44. Based on that ratio, and assuming complete combustion, 1 pound of carbon combines with 2.667 pounds of oxygen to produce 3.667 pounds of carbon dioxide. For example, coal with a carbon content of 78 percent and a heating value of 14,000 Btu per pound emits about 204.3 pounds of carbon dioxide per million Btu when completely burned.(5) Complete combustion of 1 short ton (2,000 pounds) of this coal will generate about 5,720 pounds (2.86 short tons) of carbon dioxide.

Thus 250 million tons of coal completely burnt will potentially yield 700 million tons of CO2 which is what we are shipping from our shores each and every year.
Therefore our target reduction in CO2 , will be one twenty eighth of what we are exporting every year - directly from our mines to the Chinese atmosphere!
So maybe it is just me but cutting one ton here and exporting 28 tons just doesn't make any sense for a so-called global problem. We could just cut our exports by 10%  a year and globally achieve the same nett effect.
This shows the carbon tax is purely political and will have no effect on Australia's combined real and exported CO2 emissions. If anyone really seriously believed all this malarkey the first thing to do would be to ban  coal exports which would be political suicide .

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Power Bills forecast to Double says Supplier.

TRUenergy , a four billion dollar player in Australian energy market has predicted that power prices will double in the next six years after a carbon price is introduced. Shortage of base load power is looming while Gillard and the Greens are romancing with "green power " which can never be used as base load. The lead time for new power stations is considerable and capital is scarce in the current uncertain environment.

NSW to inspect Solar panels for safety! Solar panels losing their Shine!

 The solar panel "rip-off-your neighbour" schemes are under fire on multiple fronts. The Labor "green" scheme seem to be following a well-worn track following the insulation installation debacle and the "cash-for-clunkers" fiasco, as problems with shonky solar panel installations emerge.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Global Warming should be called Urban Warming!

The whole global warming scam is based on temperature data showing the world is warming inexorably and that warming is caused by CO2. However the temperature data is quite different in urban areas than is in rural areas where the warming is small to non-existent. This means that global warming as defined by the warmists is largely a measurement artifact and the"models" are simply using faulty data to reach incorrect conclusions.Tim Ball takes time from his legal problems to give a fine primer on UHI .
Australian data shows the stark difference between rural and urban "warming"

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Rot Continues for Labor

Following weeks of favorable television exposure during Queensland's flood crisis Premier Anna Bligh had received a huge boost in the polls but this has now evaporated and the Labor brand is as damaged in the Deep North as it is federally. The latest polls are disastrous for Labor as the Australian reports:
CAMPBELL Newman has revived the conservatives' hopes of regaining government in Queensland, with the latest Newspoll wiping out the gains Anna Bligh made after her leadership during the floods and cyclone crises.

The former Brisbane lord mayor's switch to state politics in late March has given the Liberal National Party a large boost, despite his unorthodox leadership from outside the parliament. The opposition now has a 20-point lead over Labor on a two-party-preferred basis.
A state Newspoll, conducted exclusively for The Australian, reveals Labor is facing a landslide defeat that could leave it with as few as 13 seats in the 89-seat parliament, down from its current 51, under a voter backlash of NSW proportions.
The poll of 1123 voters, conducted last month and this, shows primary support for the LNP has skyrocketed from 37 per cent to 51 per cent -- levels not seen since the 1996 post-election win of the then coalition government led by Rob Borbidge.
 If Campbell Newman is elected Premier Julia Gillard will have a hugely popular leader in Queensland to contend with at the next federal election together with the combined albatrosses of the Carbon Tax and border security.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Gillard Government Slumps in Polls

Following last week's budget the Labor Government had expected the normal post-budget bounce in the polls but this has not eventuated and the latest polls show a further erosion of their already parlous position.
The proposed Carbon tax and illegal immigrant policies are continuing to damage the Labor position!
The Australian reports:
SUPPORT for Julia Gillard has plunged after voters gave their lowest rating to Labor's fourth budget, the overall worst reaction in almost 20 years, leaving the Prime Minister's personal standing below that of Kevin Rudd when he was removed as leader.

Voter approval of Ms Gillard is the lowest it has been since she became Prime Minister last June. Tony Abbott is as close to her as preferred prime minister as he has ever been and closer than he ever was to Mr Rudd.
According to the latest Newspoll survey, conducted exclusively for The Australian at the weekend, the Coalition's primary vote rose to a six-year high of 46 per cent to Labor's unchanged 33 per cent, giving a two-party preferred calculation of 54 to 46 per cent.
Satisfaction with Ms Gillard as prime minister dropped to a record low for her of 34 per cent compared with 38 per cent before the budget, and dissatisfaction rose six points to 55 per cent, her highest level of dissatisfaction.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Fido Flatulence Offsets

It is good to get back after a month of river cruising through Europe where I found my Ipad ,delightful device that it is ,sucks at blogging.
The latest carbon offset scheme involves purchase of carbon offsets for pets taking into account the greenhouse gas caused by their flatulence.

 While global warming is nothing to laugh at, an Australian company is providing some comic relief, selling carbon credits for flatulent pets and people.

So-called carbon emissions, such as carbon dioxide and methane, are greenhouse gases that are thought to be key factors in climate change. These emissions can be offset by purchasing carbon credits, which may be used to fund environmental programs. For 35 Australian dollars (about 27 U.S. dollars), customers of Sydney-based Easy Being Green can offset a year's worth of carbon emissions linked to their dogs, from trips to the vet to, yes, breaking wind.

Making your cat carbon neutral for a year costs U.S.$6, while U.S.$16 offsets two years of flatulence from that special someone.

A couple of humans I know should definitely be buying a card!