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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Alan Jones skewers David Karoly!

Love him or hate him Alan Jones has a wide audience and agressively interviews David Karoly, an  IPCC lead author and one of Australia's leading warmists.Jones has done his homework ( or someone has done it for him) and Karoly , used to the easy interviews served up by our left-wing press does not know what hit him. Listen and enjoy!
Update: Predictably Jonathan Holmes of the  ABC thinks David Karoly was treated terribly by Alan Jones.
Last Wednesday on Sydney radio station 2GB, Breakfast host Alan Jones did his first interview this year with a climate scientist who doesn't reckon that the whole thing is nonsense.
Mind you, it's stretching the term to call Alan's half-hour chat with Professor David Karoly of the University of Melbourne an interview. It was part interrogation, part harangue. 

At least Karoly got on air which is more than a skeptical scientist can do on the warmist ABC.


  1. Karoly is always trotted out in front of a group of left-wing journos and asked dorothy dixers about global warming. He was given as fair a go as any conservative gets on Q&A with a stacked panel and audience.Limiting to a yes/no answer avoids the BS we usually get. If you wish to remain anonymous and don't have an opinion don't bother quoting the ABC to me as they are so far to the left their opinion doesn't really matter.When Holmes puts Q&A and that atrocious intellect-free ABC morning show under the same spotlight i will bother reading him!

  2. I think the pain Karoly obviously suffered during this interview had more to do with the fragile nature of his so called scientific evidence (non) and his inability to contradict the logic served up to him by Jones.
    Anyone dealing with any topic who relies on fabrication and half truths to support their case is always going to come off second best when pitted against someone sharp witted like Jones and there is no need to pity them.
    As the saying goes, they make their own beds, so they must lie in them and if it they are rather lumpy and uncomfortable, so be it.

  3. Not so Anonymous. From what I can see no censoring is taking place on this site. As anyone who follows it on a regular basis would know, your comments have already received wide circulation to all of those who like me, are regular readers and automatically receive new comments and updates via email.
    If once your comments have been aired, Baron chooses to delete them because of their boring, tiresome, repetitive nature then good on him I say. It is his site and he is simply exercising his right to select what he considers to be of interest to his readers, just like the newspapers do. As you should be well aware, not all readers' contributions get the see the light of day because they are viewed by moderators who exercise their right to determine what is of interest.
    Perhaps if you focus on coming up with something interesting and original rather than just parroting the party line, you might have a little more luck.

  4. I am asking that anyone who wishes may be able to comment here but as there seems to be a plethora of "Anonymous" I simply ask that you use a different pseudonym so you may be identified when someone replies to your comment. I have no beef with dissenting opinions as long as they are well mannered.

  5. I'm just wondering why there has not been any mention of the error in calculations that was repeated at least six times by Jones? He states that Australia is responsible for .000018% of all carbon dioxide, but in fact, this is the amount of Australian CO2 relative to the ENTIRE ATMOSPHERE. The correct amount is 0.045% (this is 3% x 1.5%; the anthropogenic component of CO2 multiplied by Australia's fractional share), which is still a small number but a lot bigger than the value that he used to cut Karoly off with a number of times.

  6. Now that Price Waterhouse Coopers is now asking businesses to start budgeting in a 4-6 degree change in climate, and they are the most conservative (as they solidly back established business) commentators, if there is any doubt whatsoever about the pattern of global temperature variation favoring warming, then forget science, listen to those who are backing industry, they are now backing the same changes suggested, and asking business to prepare for them.

  7. And the last thing that David Koroly received was a smackdown. He presented his views clearly, and unlike Jones, did not resort to pressure nor did he try and twist his words (and Jones very clearly did...). A carbon tax is not going to gut Australia. Look at many other countries imposing it now. Shortsightedness in terms of short term economic advantage for one country does not necessarily benefit anyone in the long term.