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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Fido Flatulence Offsets

It is good to get back after a month of river cruising through Europe where I found my Ipad ,delightful device that it is ,sucks at blogging.
The latest carbon offset scheme involves purchase of carbon offsets for pets taking into account the greenhouse gas caused by their flatulence.

 While global warming is nothing to laugh at, an Australian company is providing some comic relief, selling carbon credits for flatulent pets and people.

So-called carbon emissions, such as carbon dioxide and methane, are greenhouse gases that are thought to be key factors in climate change. These emissions can be offset by purchasing carbon credits, which may be used to fund environmental programs. For 35 Australian dollars (about 27 U.S. dollars), customers of Sydney-based Easy Being Green can offset a year's worth of carbon emissions linked to their dogs, from trips to the vet to, yes, breaking wind.

Making your cat carbon neutral for a year costs U.S.$6, while U.S.$16 offsets two years of flatulence from that special someone.

A couple of humans I know should definitely be buying a card!

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