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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Rot Continues for Labor

Following weeks of favorable television exposure during Queensland's flood crisis Premier Anna Bligh had received a huge boost in the polls but this has now evaporated and the Labor brand is as damaged in the Deep North as it is federally. The latest polls are disastrous for Labor as the Australian reports:
CAMPBELL Newman has revived the conservatives' hopes of regaining government in Queensland, with the latest Newspoll wiping out the gains Anna Bligh made after her leadership during the floods and cyclone crises.

The former Brisbane lord mayor's switch to state politics in late March has given the Liberal National Party a large boost, despite his unorthodox leadership from outside the parliament. The opposition now has a 20-point lead over Labor on a two-party-preferred basis.
A state Newspoll, conducted exclusively for The Australian, reveals Labor is facing a landslide defeat that could leave it with as few as 13 seats in the 89-seat parliament, down from its current 51, under a voter backlash of NSW proportions.
The poll of 1123 voters, conducted last month and this, shows primary support for the LNP has skyrocketed from 37 per cent to 51 per cent -- levels not seen since the 1996 post-election win of the then coalition government led by Rob Borbidge.
 If Campbell Newman is elected Premier Julia Gillard will have a hugely popular leader in Queensland to contend with at the next federal election together with the combined albatrosses of the Carbon Tax and border security.

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  1. This can't come quick enough for mine. Irrespective of the 'Bligh Factor', I happen to believe all governments have a use by date and this Queensland Labor government has well and truly passed this.
    It has been in power far too long by any measure and is now devoid, not only of leadership, but also quality people in most of the other ministerial roles.
    We need some fresh ideas and people with energy and skills to drive them and Campbell Newman is just the man to deliver this.