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Monday, May 30, 2011

Sea Levels not behaving in line with Warmist Predictions!

Data showing “ rising sea levels” that are actually falling  is another nail in the coffin of climate catastrophism.


   I am frustrated, as are many in our community when I see scientists clinging to a global warming hypothesis which clashes with reality  and using “appeal to Authority” to over-rule common sense objections
to such blatant inconsistencies. Penny Wongs reply to Bob Carter et al said  “When climate change scientists talk about global warming they mean warming of the climate system as a whole, which includes the atmosphere, the oceans,and the cryosphere”, and then adds “in terms of a single indicator of global warming, change in ocean heat content is most appropriate”.
The ocean levels now are the same as seven years ago which given the normal 2mm per year gradient can be interpreted as an implied “fall” of 14mm over that period. I would be interested to hear Penny's view on the latest data as ocean levels can be used as a  temperature proxy because of thermal expansion and contraction.
Of course alarmists are now saying their models now trump reality according to the Met's chief scientist , so contradictory real world measurements can be ignored in this wacky post-normal world!
     At the other end of the scale, by way of contrast, the Met’s principle research scientist John Mitchell told us: “People underestimate the power of models. Observational evidence is not very useful,” adding, “Our approach is not entirely empirical.”
Steve Goddard has an interesting take on how colors are being used to disguise the ocean level changes. 
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  1. I think that the ocean temperature is extremely and very unlikely to be predicted using models and estimation. The best we could do is keep tabs. I'll be seeing the green sea for myself for my royal davui island fiji.